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Is Amanda Holden Hollywood Bound After 'AGT' Tour?

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 23, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Amanda Holden might be leaving "Britain's Got Talent" for "America's Got Talent."

The television personality is considering a move to Hollywood after her recent tour of the American set. She has been a judge on the British show since its inception in 2007 and has become a beloved figure in the front, known for her quick wit, candid opinions, and eye-catching wardrobe choices.

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Amanda Holden May Make A Move To Hollywood After Visiting 'America's Got Talent

Holden, one of the judges on "Britain's Got Talent," is reportedly preparing to leave the UK and head to the United States. She has put her London home up for sale and has been meeting with prominent producers in Los Angeles for the last two weeks. 

Her daughter, Lexi, is also reportedly considering attending three universities in the United States, and the 52-year-old is eager to assist her in adjusting to life abroad. In addition, the singer, her husband, Chris Hughes, and daughter Hollie recently visited the "America's Got Talent set."

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An insider revealed to TheSun that the actress was seriously considering the relocation and stated that it appears to be the ideal moment for her to make a move. They noted, "She spent the school hols in LA with the whole family and had a wonderful time." 

She also spent time with her boss, Simon Cowell, and his fiancee, Lauren, encouraging her to "make a move and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies permanently."

The source added that the English media personality visited the set of "AGT" and had a fantastic time sitting alongside judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. The producers were impressed with her, as she blended in well with the other women on the panel. 

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It is uncertain whether Amanda would return to the UK every week to film "BGT" if she relocates to the United States. The star enjoyed the new set judging by the picture she posted on her Instagram. The snap showed her on set looking glamorous beside the other ladies, Klum and Vergara. 

In the caption, she wrote, "When @bgt meets @agt ❤️❤️." From the comments under the post, fans are excited for her to join the judges. One gushed, "Love it ❤️ the best female judge in the world." Another stated, "What a beautiful trio!" A third follower noted, "If this is real, I can die happy," while a fourth described them as "three stunners." 

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The multi-talented star has a lot of options to choose from, seeing as last year, The Blast reported that she was set to branch out into the world of documentaries. The "Plebs" guest star will front a new docuseries on Sky described as "Horrible Histories for grown-ups."

Portrait of television personality Amanda Holden
Instagram | Amanda Holden
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In an interview at the time, she said, "I've just started filming a brand new series for Sky, which is going to be a lot of fun, and it may be slightly controversial." According to an insider who spoke to The Sun, the upcoming docuseries will be an educational yet entertaining production that includes the actress's unique flair.

They explained that the show would be named "Horrible Histories," but with an adult twist. The source also revealed that she was fully invested in the docuseries, even going as far as donning costumes to recreate historical scenes. 

'Big Top' Star Wields A Fire Hose In Comical Video

The mother-of-two went viral after posting a comical video of herself dressed up as a firefighter on TikTok. As reported by The Blast, she wore a full protective suit, gloves, and a fluorescent yellow helmet as she walked confidently toward a group of real firefighters.

The background music, Lizzy McAlpine's "Ceilings," added to the playful tone of the video. Sporting a full face of makeup, Holden aimed the hose at a tall tower, unleashing a jet of water as her caramel-colored hair fluttered in the wind. 

Her fans could not resist commenting on her stunning appearance, with one fan writing, "You rock any outfit ???," and another jokingly adding, "I never thought I'd find myself wishing my house would catch fire ?????." 

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One particularly smitten fan wrote, "You can rescue me any time of the week," while a fourth even gave her a new nickname, "@Leeha&Lauren ? fireman-dy pandy unlocked."

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