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'Love Is Blind's Micah Lussier Opens Up About THAT MOMENT Involving Her Ex & Bridesmaid!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 22, 2023 at 8:30 PM EDT

The jury is still out on whether love is truly blind, but "Love Is Blind" viewers could confidently attest the internet sure is not!

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Paul and Micah Love Is Blind
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The drama involving the experimental Netflix dating series' fourth season has continued long after the cameras have stopped rolling and the episodes have been released!

Viewers recently received an update on the cast's lives a year after filming, thanks to the platform's attempt to broadcast a live reunion. Many different topics relating to the model were addressed.

Among those headlines were the allegations that Paul Peden had intentionally touched a bridesmaid's backside as he exited a room after his wedding to Micah Lussier. The 28-year-old environmental scientist and 27-year-old marketing manager were the only remaining couple within the cast not to get married.

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Viewers Pointed Out Peden's Hand Placement During A Pivotal Scene

Social media was rampant with speculation that Peden had allegedly touched the backside of a bridesmaid at his wedding. TikToks were made analyzing his hand placement, and Twitter users shared their thoughts on the issue.

"Ok, it def looked like Paul slapped Micah's bridesmaid's a**, and she enjoyed it too," a Twitter viewer alleged.

"Yeah, I thought the fans jumped out the window trying to imply Paul and one of Micah's bridesmaids were messing around when he was simply walking past her, lol," a viewer said.

"Paul ain't s**t fr he touched that bridesmaid's a**, and she was smiling when he did it AND when he said I don't...," a viewer weighed in.

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Many Twitter users brought up how the subject was handled during the reunion; many criticized host Vanessa Lachey for how she seemingly did not let Lussier respond while Peden got the chance to comment.

"It's a little suss they didn't let @micahlussier comment on the bridesmaid clip. They let Paul defend himself and gaslight, but not Micah?" a viewer asked.

"Not they played the video of Paul touching the bridesmaid. You all are so messy. [crying emoji] and Micah over there pressed. Chile-," a fan exclaimed.

"WTF did Paul ever do to @VanessaLachey? He's seemingly a nice, respectful guy. Just because you don't like his answers doesn't mean he owes Micah anything more. Also, that was super foul of Vanessa to suggest he touched one of the bridesmaids inappropriately," a viewer pointed out.

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Peden has since called out Lachey for the "bias" he felt she displayed during the reunion.

Lussier Finally Gets A Chance To Respond To The Allegations

Several viewers pointed out on Twitter pointed out how Lussier was not questioned to share her thoughts on the situation during Sunday night's reunion. Others noted how uncomfortable she looked during the segment.

She finally got to address the speculation as a guest on Thursday's episode of "The Viall Files."

Former 'Bachelor' Nick Viall has made a post-Bachelor Nation platform for himself via his podcast, "The Viall Files." The former reality star has featured many guests affiliated with the 'Bachelor' franchise and "Love Is Blind" cast members.

He featured season four's Marshall Glaze as a guest earlier this week.

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During the interview, Lussier addressed many aspects of her love story and experience on the show. She also gave her side of Peden's account of a European vacation she allegedly took with another man after the pair broke up; they attempted a short reconciliation after filming was completed.

Viall asked her about the debated moment. She jokingly called it "the slap heard around the world."

"I just can't believe it was shown on the reunion," Lussier said.

Viall then asked if the bridesmaid was Lussier's friend, which she confirmed.

"There's this little thing that you, as a woman, may be aware of, I'm sure you've been to a crowded bar before, and as a guy, I have never had another man, like, touch my waist as he's walking through in a crowded bar," Viall interjects, "just give me a little pat that every guy f***ing seems to do like, he's trying to like, balance himself between the crowd. I don't know, guys, if you're doing that, the women know what you're doing."

"It's like a five-foot doorway; there's plenty of room," Lussier responded after Viall brought up Peden's reunion defense about 'guiding himself' by the bridesmaid.

"Damn, you guys are hyping me up," Lussier later said. "I was like, 'I don't know!' I know she didn't have any intentions of being like, 'There's an affair, there's an affair!'"

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"Not an affair," she clarified, "[but] she didn't look pissed. She, like, grabs her a** and kisses her hand, like, what's up," she joked. "I honestly don't think there are bad intentions from her. I don't, honestly; if I'm being real, I don't think there was from Paul either. I don't know; I'm not a guy, I'm not grabbing people's a**es on the way out the door..."

Lussier also later alleged she believed her friend hadn't known what was happening because her friends were "two sheets to the wind at that point..."

Her episode of "The Viall Files" is now streaming!

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