Newly-single Taylor Swift gives a smiling thumbs up to fan s sign asking You OK after Joe Alwyn split

Taylor Swift May Have Quietly Acknowledged Her Breakup With Joe Alwyn

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 21, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

Taylor Swift may have subtly confirmed how she is feeling following her split with Joe Alwyn!

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Newly-single Taylor Swift gives a smiling thumbs up to fan s sign asking You OK after Joe Alwyn split
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The "Better Man" songwriter split with the "Conversations With Friends" actor after the pair had been together for six years. The duo kept their relationship relatively private, perhaps adding a mystique for the 33-year-old's devoted fanbase.

Rumors over whether the couple would ever tie the knot have wildly circulated for the past few years, with Swift even acknowledging the subject in her 2022 song "Anti-Hero." The lyrics hint at Swift's dissatisfaction over the continuous commentary when she sings, "All they keep asking me/is if I'm gonna be your bride/the only kind of girl they see is a one night or a wife..."

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News of the pair's breakup rocked the news cycle and broke the hearts of 'Swifties' worldwide. The Blast has covered several aspects of the couple's surprising split, including the reportedly peaceful state of their breakup.

Neither Alwyn nor Swift has publicly commented on their relationship's end since it was announced earlier this month. However, the "Karma" songstress seemingly acknowledged her feelings during a recent show on her 'Eras Tour.'

Read on to discover the stealthily subtle way fans think Swift might have acknowledged her split with Alwyn!

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Swift And Alwyn's Relationship Reportedly 'Ran Its Course

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn spotted arriving back at her apartment in New York

The former couple reportedly started dating in 2016, and Swift was reportedly jet-setting to England by the following year to see her 'London boy.'

The news of Swift and Alwyn's split was initially broken by Entertainment Tonight, with a source telling the outlet that the duo's six-year relationship "ran its course" and zero drama was involved.

The source also revealed that their breakup had been why Alwyn had not been spotted at any of Swift's shows on her current tour. (via The Blast)

Another piece of our coverage reveals the duo had reportedly ended their relationship a few weeks before the news officially broke. Sources shared that the information was unsurprising to insiders close to Swift and Alwyn.

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Sources also reported to People that the duo's clashing personalities may have been to blame for the relationship's demise.

"They've had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart but eventually came together," the source told the outlet. "They had plenty in common and fell in love in a safe bubble while she was retreating from the world during 'Reputation.' Then the pandemic hit, and they were locked down together and able to continue growing their relationship in this insulated way. But he didn't 'know' her yet outside that bubble," they went on.

A Fan Asked Swift How She Was Feeling During A Recent Tour Stop

The news of the duo's split became a hot and trending social media topic shortly after the news broke. Swifties continued to discuss the breakup several days afterward, and many made TikToks about it.

TikTok Fans speculated Swift might have been crying during a recent performance due to the breakup. Others speculated over lyrics to songs from "Midnights" after the division.

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"Where are my Taylor swift and joe alwyn still in a happy relationship, and I don't believe the news until Taylor or joe speaks themselves" Truthers?" a fan tweeted.

"do you think Taylor swift listens to her music when she's going through a breakup?" Emma Choi tweeted.

The answer to this question may not be known, but it could be possible to detect Swift may have acknowledged her split with Alwyn for the first time. People Magazine shared a reel on its official Instagram account of Swift pointing to an audience member's sign during a recent tour stop in Florida.

She can be seen flashing a thumbs-up sign and subtly smiling at the fan! The moment occurred while Swift performed "Delicate" from 2017's "Reputation."

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Fans flooded the comment section of People's post, weighing in on the clip, which had reportedly been originally shared on TikTok.

"And that makes us okay, too," a fan shared.

"why wouldn't she be okay?" another fan asked.

"Of course she's okay," a follower commented. "The breakup just gave her a lot of material for her next album."

"Have they not seen her? She's glowing and seems [s] more relaxed," a fan said.

"Of course she's okay, she's a badass beauty that doesn't need no man!!" a Swiftie wrote.

Swift and Alwyn reportedly were in quite a different stage in their relationship; the duo was discussing marriage "a few months ago," per our recent report.

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