'Grey’s Anatomy' Star Jesse Williams' Ex-Wife Seeks $1,000,000 in Back Support in Nasty Divorce Battle

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By TheBlast Staff on February 22, 2019 at 10:20 AM EST

"Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams ex-wife is willing to cut her ex-husband a break on his monthly support checks but she also wants him to write her a check for close to a million dollars for back support she claims he owes.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Aryn Drake-Lee has gone back to court in her battle with Williams over the $100k a month he pays her in support and custody of their two kids.

The two share joint legal custody and have a flexible physical custody plan based on Jesse’s “Grey’s Anatomy” shooting schedule.

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Drake-Lee says she is tired of this and wants a consistent schedule, no matter his shooting schedule. She claims the schedule has caused a lack of stability for their kids who "often do not know from day to day whether Petitioner will be exercising time."

She says Williams does not always follow the schedule and often cancels his time with the kids, only to demand make-up time later. Drake-Lee says her ex doesn’t provide her with his “Grey’s” shooting schedule but wants him to turn it over weekly.

In regard to child support, she wants the $50,000 a month to stay the same, saying Jesse Williams is still making bank on the hit show. She will be seeking $737,605 in retroactive child support, minus $100k already paid, for a total of $637,605.

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She does suggest cutting her $50k monthly spousal support down to $29,918, which would be paid until at least 2020. Drake-Lee also wants retroactive spousal support to the tune of $251,602.

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In her court docs, she notes she was a former real estate agent who quit working to help Williams advance his career. Since the divorce, she has invested in two businesses – We Buy Gold, LLC and The Jane Club – but neither has earned her any money. She has also been involved in a small gift shop but her investment exceeded any return.

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Drake-Lee will also be asking for the judge to order neither party is to introduce the kids to his/her significant other until at least six months into the relationship. She wants no social media posting of the kids either.

She wants to keep the Los Angeles mansion they shared during their marriage along with a Brooklyn home she bought and Oakland home she has interest in. Drake-Lee wants Williams' residuals to continue to be split and wants her cut of the $796,800 profit participation check Disney paid him in 2017.

A hearing has been held later this month to set a trial date in the nasty divorce.

Jesse and Aryn married in 2012 and split in 2017. They share two kids from their marriage.

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Last year, Jesse was ordered to pay his ex-wife a total of $50,000 per month in child support plus $50,000 in spousal support, based on his monthly income of $521,000.

The actor has been trying to lower the $100k a month support payment, arguing the amount is well beyond what the kids need.

The judge previously shut down his attempts to lower the support but the actor and his ex are headed back to court to battle it out again.

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