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Andrew Tate Set To Face New Legal Battle Amid Romanian House Arrest

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 18, 2023 at 2:30 PM EDT

Andrew Tate's legal troubles are far from over; a new lawsuit against him is underway.

New reports claim three women are ready to sue the social media personality over rape and assault allegations. Although the women first complained to authorities nearly ten years ago, they allege that detectives failed to conduct proper investigations into the case before dropping it. 

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Andrew Tate Set To Be Hit With New Lawsuit From Three Former Female Employees

It has been one drama after the other for Tate, who got arrested in December 2022 and spent months in a Romanian jail on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and organized crime.

In the latest bout of trouble, the controversial Internet personality is set to battle in court against three women he allegedly assaulted in 2013. To aid their cases, the women started a fundraiser on Crowd Justice, raising over £8,000 of its £50,000 goal so far.

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Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate
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"We are three survivors of Andrew Tate's violent and misogynistic ideology. During his time in the UK, Tate subjected other women and us to serious and violent sexual and physical assaults. Despite facing prosecution in Romania, he has never been held accountable for his crimes in the UK," the page reads via the Watford Observer.

The accusers added their plans to "take action to encourage a criminal investigation in the UK and pursue a civil case against" the former professional kickboxer for "compensation to help rebuild" their lives.

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ICYMI, the 36-year-old, was accused of attacking one woman and raping the other two when they worked as webcam models for him in Luton, United Kingdom. While the Herts police followed up on the claims by arresting him three times — twice on the same day in July 2015 and once in December of the same year, the case was ultimately closed in 2019.

Amid the oncoming suit, The Guardian reported that Tate has remained focused on staying out of Romanian jail, recently winning the appeal to go under house arrest. The businessman, who won the plea alongside his brother and two unidentified women, will stay confined in his house until 29 April.

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Speaking on the outcome of the ruling, the "Big Brother" alum's communications director, Mateea Petrescu, stated, "They are not a flight risk, and they are not a danger to public safety, therefore [the authorities] have decided to release them under house arrest. [It's] just a small step – they are still under investigation."

Andrew Tate stretching in the gym
Twitter | Andrew Tate
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Petrescu added that the foursome was "absolutely ecstatic" to be out of jail and "thrilled and looking forward to being at home." None of the arrested suspects have been formally indicted.

'The Real World' Program Convener's Health Suffered A Setback Last Year

March was a rollercoaster month for people who had followed Tate's story from its inception, especially regarding his recent health problems. As it turned out, the Hustler's University founder had reportedly found a "dark spot on his lung" that would most likely be a tumor after a medical consultation in Dubai.

A copy of his 'medical record' was leaked online, highlighting the lesion on his upper lung — a condition described as a "serious" health challenge. A source from the misogynistic influencer's team subsequently addressed the rumors, stating:

"Andrew was made aware of his serious condition before his arrest, after attending a consultation in Dubai. As he could not be monitored by his chosen medical team in Dubai, it meant he was taken to a Romanian local clinic whilst in detention."

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The insider explained that despite yet-to-be an official diagnosis, Tate was "staying strong" and "in good shape" while awaiting further testing. They concluded they were not taking the health issue "lightly" and ensuring that the retired athlete received "the best medical care available to him."

Barely days after that update, The Blast observed that the mixed martial arts star debunked the claims of ill health, tweeting:

"I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage. In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete. There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. True warriors are scarred both inside and out."

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