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Model Olivia Culpo Shares The Secrets To Surviving Coachella

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By Kristin Myers on April 17, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

This year, the newly engagedOlivia Culpo and her sisters Aurora Culpo and Sophia Culpo had a blast at Coachella!

In an interview over the weekend, Miss Universe 2012 talked about the importance of staying hydrated during festival season, as well as her tips to having a blast at Coachella and other festivals this summer.

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Model Olivia Culpo Shares Her Secrets To Success At Coachella and Other Summer Festivals

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old model spoke to PEOPLE to explain how she prepared for Coachella. She said that she plans all of her outfits the weekend before down to the feather in her hair, but packs last-minute to allow for any last minute changes.

In fact, this year, she said that she waited until Thursday, the day she left for the desert, to start packing. However, she revealed she does not coordinate outfits with her sisters Aurora, 34, and Sophia, 26.

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"Oh God, I hope they're not coordinating outfits with me," she said, guessing what each of them would wear before the event. "I feel like we all have such a different style. If I were to guess, I think Aurora is going to be more boho. I think I'll be more cowgirl inspired, and I feel like Sophia will be more like flower or rocker. Rocker vibe."

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Olivia Always Makes Sure To Pack A Phone Charger, SPF, and Sunglasses

In addition to her wardrobe, she always brings a fanny pack or a backpack to make sure she has several must-have items on hand.

"I always have face gems, I always have an SPF," she said, adding that she always makes sure to pack a phone charger, a bandana for the dust, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and a "jean or leather jacket" for when it gets cold, especially during chilly nights in the desert.

She also said that she brings gum in case someone has bad breath or deodorant in case "someone's underarms smell."

When it comes to sharing photos from the event, Olivia actually asks her mother which ones she should post on social media.

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"This is actually pretty funny. I'll narrow it down to five or so. And I'll send them to my mom and I'll ask her," she confessed. "Moms just know best, mother knows best. That's what they say!"

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Olivia Talks The Importance Of Hydration... Especially When Drinking!

The Rhode Island native also explained that she starts off the event by drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the festival.

"I'm just going to make sure that I'm basically hydrated so that every day is enjoyable," she explained. "We all know that the famous rule of thumb is that you should have a glass of water between every single drink that you have as you're drinking throughout the night, so that the next day is more bearable and enjoyable."

"So I'm definitely going to start with my hydration at Club Hydration, always have my evian Sparkling carbonated water with me on hand at all times," she continued.

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"That way, I'll be able to really enjoy the weekend because we've all made that mistake before, haven't we?" she joked.

She also revealed that drinking plenty of water is how she keeps her skin looking smooth and glowing throughout the years.

"People always ask, 'What is your beauty routine? Or what is your biggest beauty secret?' and I always tell everybody that if you're not drinking tons of water and getting enough sleep, you can try any treatment in the world and you will not feel or look the way you want," Olivia explained.

"You need to be drinking tons of water or sparkling water and you need rest," she added.

Olivia Culpo Channels 'Bride-Cella' Vibes At Coachella 2023!

The popular model took to Instagram to share her latest look at Coachella, which features the newly engaged model posing in a wide-brimmed hat, a lacy white bra, and a white skirt. True to her word, she also carried a knapsack carrying all the essentials and let a jacket hang loosely around her shoulders.

In the caption, Olivia wrote “It’s giving bride-cella” but model Brooks Nader disagreed. In the comments, she replied, “It’s giving WIFE.” Future husband Christian McCaffrey, the running back for the San Francisco 49ers, wrote, “Awoooooooga” alongside a heart-eye emoji.

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