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Shania Twain Shows Off Her Abs As She Defends Her Skimpy CMT Awards Outfits

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By Favour Adegoke on April 9, 2023 at 12:15 PM EDT

Shania Twain stands by her fashion choices no matter anyone's opinions on them. The 57-year-old stepped out for the CMT Awards in a purple Chanel crop top and tiny shorts, accessorized with a black cowboy hat and over-the-knee boots.

Twain shared photos of her outfit on Instagram with a caption that says she uses fashion to express her creativity and personality. However, some fans criticized her business, asking her to dress more "age appropriate."

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'Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes!!' 

Shania Twain Shows Off Her Abs As She Defends Her Skimpy 2023 CMT Awards Outfits
Instagram/Shania twain

Legendary singer, Twain, is not letting critics dictate her fashion choices. The 57-year-old recently took to Instagram to clap back at those who believe she should "dress age-appropriately."

On Sunday, Twain rocked two daring looks to the 2023 CMT Awards and was heavily critiqued by some fans who believe she should dress more conservatively.

However, the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" hitmaker is not letting the haters bring her down. In an Instagram post, she shared photos of her outfit with a lengthy caption that reads, "For me, fashion is a powerful tool that helps to convey my personality and express my creativity and other than getting to hang out with my friends for the night, it's one of my favorite things about attending award shows!"

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She added, "Life is too short to wear boring clothes!! [kissing emoji] Thank you to the team behind my @cmt #CMTAwards looks."

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Shania Twain's Red Carpet Look At The 2023 CMT Awards

Shania Twain Shows Off Her Abs As She Defends Her Skimpy 2023 CMT Awards Outfits
Instagram/Shania twain

In one photo, Twain stunned as she straddled a prop while donning a black cowboy hat, over-the-knee boots, and a stunning purple tweed set from Chanel that featured a crop top and tiny shorts. She even gave her followers a closer look at the outfit with a flat-lay photo, showcasing the intricate details of the designer ensemble.

Twain also shared a sneak peek of herself getting ready for the event in a luxurious robe and a photo of her gorgeous red-and-black Prabal Gurung gown draped across the bed. 

On the red carpet, Twain proved to be a true style icon as she posed confidently in her long-sleeved Prabal Gurung dress, which featured cutouts at the sides and a thigh-high slit.

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Fans Comment On Shania Twain's Red Carpet Outfits

Shania Twain Shows Off Her Abs As She Defends Her Skimpy 2023 CMT Awards Outfits
Instagram/Shania twain

Despite her empowering message, some fans still criticized Twain's fashion choices. One fan commented, per Page Six, "Love Shania, but please stop trying to keep up with the youngsters and dress age appropriately. Such a beautiful woman; I hope she doesn't go the Madonna route."

Another fan wrote, "Dressing like a street worker does not convey creativity, although it probably does reflect your personality!"

Thankfully, some fans defended Twain and her right to dress however she pleases. One supporter wrote, "Can people stop telling her how she should look, according to what you want her to look like? Nobody is telling you that you need to change." 

Another fan added, "She's a performer, and if she wants to dress up during performances, she will. Period!"

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Shania Twain Is Unapologetic About Her Fashion Choices

Shania Twain

As she ages, Twain has been unapologetically embracing her body and style. Recently, the iconic singer posed topless for the cover of her single, "Waking Up Dreaming," and spoke openly about how it has helped her overcome her lifelong body image issues.

In an interview with People magazinethe 57-year-old shared, "This is me expressing my truth. I'm comfortable in my skin, and this is how I share that confidence."

She added, "I am a woman in my late 50s, and I don't need to hide behind the clothes. I can't tell you how good it felt to shoot nude. I was just so unashamed of my new body, you know, as a woman well into my menopause. I'm not even emotional; I just feel okay about it."

At the 2023 Grammys, Twain embodied a Disney villain look, stealing the show on the red carpet in a Cruella de Vil black-and-white spotted suit, enormous hat, and bright red wig.

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