Duane Martin Accuses Estranged Wife Tisha Campbell-Martin of Fabricating Abuse Allegations

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By TheBlast Staff on March 21, 2019 at 1:30 AM EDT

Duane Martin is accusing his estranged wife Tisha Campbell-Martin of fabricating abuse allegations to get custody of their kids.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Duane filed a declaration as part of his bankruptcy case, in which he is denying allegations he hid a $2 million home in Chatsworth, California from creditors as part of his bankruptcy.

In his declaration, Duane accuses Tisha and her brother having “manufactured a false claim of alleged domestic violence against the Co-Debtor which they filed with the police. Even Co-Debtor’s family law attorney would not sign his name on such a claim. The police saw the claim for what it was and did not pursue it."

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He adds, “Additional falsehoods were presented to the Family Law court in order for the Co-Debtor to obtain custody of their children. When it was clear that these falsehoods were not going to work, they were dropped and custody was awarded 50-50 to both parents.”

Tisha has been assisting the bankruptcy trustee and turning over all financial records in her possession. The trustee has not accused her of any wrongdoing and used the documents provided in his case against Duane.

In his filing, Duane says the accusation his residuals weren’t being turned over is not true. He points out a prior settlement with the trustee.

Duane believes he knows why the trustee is now accusing him of such things.

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He states, "However, on April 17, 2018 the situation changed. This is because Co-Debtor was preparing her assault on the Debtor in her divorce proceeding. In an attempt to exert undue influence on her husband of 27 years, she and her brother Stanley Campbell, who was ousted from the police force in Oklahoma, took possession of the residuals."

He accuses Tisha and her brother of having "illegally removed" his name from bank accounts and cut off his access to his money.

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To make matters worse, he claims, “Having obtained illegal control of the residuals and the Debtor’s post-petition income, Stanley and Co-Debtor, who has been characterized as a Good Samaritan, contacted the Trustee and provided him with residual checks that were allegedly not turned over by the Debtor. However, the Debtor never took possession of such residuals and has no control over them."

Duane claims Tisha is trying to cripple him financially and says he has checks he cannot cash now because Tisha is the sole-signatory on the accounts.

The actor says his estranged wife’s brother then "illegally recorded his conversations" and turned transcripts to the bankruptcy trustee.

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Martin writes in a declaration, “Two weeks ago, Stanley flew to New York. While there, he exerted undue influence, bullying and obtained private financial information of my mother and me. He then turned over his ill-gotten gains to the Trustee a week ago through emails. Stanley is getting more aggressive and using police databases illegally."

Duane Martin is demanding the trustee’s lawsuit against him be dismissed, denying he did anything wrong.

As The Blast first reported, Tisha filed on January 24 for a domestic violence restraining order against Martin, claiming he has been physically abusive in their relationship for years.

In February, she filed new docs in their custody case saying she does not believe Martin “should have joint custody at all.”

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A source close to Tisha tells us she did not drop her police report against Duane and is still pursuing criminal domestic violence charges against him. We're told Tisha has also filed police reports in Louisiana and California about the alleged identity theft and criminal fraud by Duane.

In regards to the cheap shot Duane took at her brother, Stan, we're told he was a "hero of the Oklahoma City bombing and retired from the police force in good standing."

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell
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