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Lala Kent Is Livid Over Tom Schwartz Urging Fans To Be Kind To Tom Sandoval

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 7, 2023 at 2:30 AM EDT

Lala Kent, who has already made her feelings about the 'Scandoval' known, is not taking any prisoner on the topic.

The reality TV star expressed anger towards co-star Tom Schwartz after he urged fans to be kind to Tom Sandoval amidst news of his infidelity. The feud between Kent and Sandoval has been well-documented on the popular show "Vanderpump Rules." The latest controversy comes after discovering that he cheated on Ariana Madix with a fellow cast member, Raquel Leviss. 

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Lala Kent Blasts Tom Schwartz For Defending Tom Sandoval Amidst Cheating Rumors

The alleged affair has caused tension among the group, and Kent, who is firmly on her friend Madix's side, is not pleased with Schwartz's attempt to defend Sandoval's actions.

During an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, the junior partner of "TomTom" attempted to support his best friend and business partner while discussing the sensitive topic. In the clip posted to the program's Twitter page, Cohen asked him, "Anything you want to say in closing before we end the show."

The 40-year-old responded by first expressing his love to Madix and declaring he would not abandon Sandoval even though everyone hated him. Schwartz then appealed on behalf of the shunned star, saying:

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"He knows he's a monster for what he did, and if you see him, maybe give him a hug even if he doesn't deserve it. Give him a hug, he's down bad."

After hearing Schwartz's comments, Kent took to her Instagram story to exclaim, "Did Schwartzy just say, "If you see Sandoval in the street, give him a hug"? We're atomically wedgie-ying his a*s. We're punching him straight in the d**k." The 32-year-old continued in another clip where she was walking around her home and said:

"Every time I sit here and say 'I'm over scandoval, I don't want to see it anymore,' one of those f**king people just meets another level of buffoonery. And here I am, here I am, having to school more mother fu*kers on life. What Schwartz said has made me need to smack my vape 500 hundred times."

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The nickname 'Scandoval' originated from the scandal involving Tom's covert seven-month-long relationship with co-star Raquel Leviss. The affair was discovered when she stumbled upon a sexually-explicit video from the model on his phone during his concert in March. 

Since then, he has tried apologizing by releasing a statement, but The Blast reported that it was not received very kindly by Kent. The mother-of-one made sure to air her opinions on what she thought of the message and Sandoval.

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She reposted the lengthy text in which he appealed to fans not to hold his indiscretion against his businesses. He acknowledged his mistake and emphasized that his partners were unaware of his actions until recently. Furthermore, he made it clear that they did not condone his behavior. Not accepting this, she wrote across the image:

"S*ndoval. Shut up. Employees, abort mission," adding, "Where's Ariana's apology in this? It's called narcissism … & and it's terrifying." 

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Lala Kent Shares Thoughts On Exhausting 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Episode

Lala Kent at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'The Irishman'

The actress opened up about her experience filming the highly anticipated reunion episode, which comes after the scandal that rocked the show. As reported by The Blast, the "Trauma Center" star expressed her exhaustion after intense filming and provided insight into what viewers could expect. 

Despite being known for her sharp tongue and unapologetic attitude, Kent still has her limits to the drama she can handle, as evidenced by her social media post. After filming, she took to her Instagram to share that she was still recovering from the profound experience.

According to her, it took an explosive turn within minutes, leaving her emotionally drained. She conveyed her fatigue in the clip by exclaiming, "That was the most exhausting reunion I've ever had." She expressed her desire to curl up and release her emotions through tears and yells, adding:

"But I'm happy to be home now with my little one, crawl in bed, watch Seinfeld, and just, like, regroup." 

The TV personality also noted her intentions to perform several rituals, such as singing, praying, and using palo santo. She then reassured her followers that the upcoming special would not disappoint and that they would "enjoy" it.

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