Shannen Doherty's Insurance Company Refusing to Pay for Woolsey Fire Home Damage

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By TheBlast Staff on March 25, 2019 at 2:34 AM EDT

Shannen Doherty’s insurance company says the actress is out of luck when it comes to the damage to her home in a recent fire and they do not believe they owe her a dime.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, State Farm General Insurance says they did nothing wrong denying claims relating to her home being damaged in the Woolsey Fire.

They accuse Doherty of having "failed to take adequate steps to mitigate the damages claimed, if any. To the extent that Plaintiff’s damages have been increased by her failure to so mitigate, she should be barred from recovering against State Farm."

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State Farm argues the "90210" star failed to "satisfy all condition precedent to her rights, if any, to benefits under the insurance policy issued by State Farm." They say the policy she has does not cover what she is seeking.

They also claim that Doherty failed to take the required actions following the fire. The policy has certain provisions requiring the reporting of damage to the insurance company within a timeframe and to protect the property from further damage.

The insurance company is demanding Doherty’s lawsuit be thrown out.

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Earlier this year, Shannen Doherty sued State Farm General Insurance saying, “State Farm will take advantage of the vulnerability and distress of its policy holders when they find themselves in the very situations they paid thousands of dollars in premiums to insure against.”

Doherty said her home suffered severe smoke damage from the Woolsey Fire that swept through Malibu last November and is currently unable to live at the property.

The actress claimed State Farm only offered two weeks of coverage for a temporary residence while the house was cleaned up, which Doherty believes is ridiculous.

She also says the entire ordeal was “incredibly distressing,” especially as she undergoes “invasive cancer treatment, including chemo and radiation therapy.

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The star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and has been very open about her treatment.

Doherty sued requesting indemnification for all losses currently covered under her State Farm policy and damages for the alleged wrongful denial of benefits.

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