Chlöe Bailey at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Chlöe Bailey Credits Beyoncé For 'Support' Leading Up To Album Release

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 5, 2023 at 4:00 AM EDT

Chlöe Bailey first rose to fame as one half of the duo Chloe x Halle signed under Beyoncés label, Parkwood Entertainment.

Since she went solo, Chlöe has stayed relevant with her impressive single. After teasing the release of her debut album, the highly anticipated body of work is here, and the star expressed gratitude to one person in particular. 

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Chlöe Bailey Thanks Beyoncé For Support Ahead Of Solo Album Release

Now that her album "In Pieces" has finally arrived, the actress revealed in an interview with ET's Denny Directo that it was an actual labor of love. However, the 24-year-old also shared that she received some invaluable help on the project from none other than her mentor, Beyoncé.

When asked if the "Renaissance" singer had heard the new songs, Bailey replied, "Yes, I know she listened to the album. She gave me notes on it before I released it." During the interview, the "Let It Shine" actress could not help but gush about her unwavering support stating:

"I love her so much. Dearly, dearly, and I'm so grateful to her for everything."

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Chlöe Bailey at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music
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With such a powerhouse mentor in her corner, it is no wonder she has successfully released her highly anticipated debut solo album, which dropped last week. Despite feeling nervous leading up to the release, she expressed her happiness that the album is finally out while speaking with the publication at the premiere of her new Peacock film, "Praise This." 

The "Ungodly Hour" singer noted, "I was so nervous, and now I just feel at peace. I'm so happy it's out. I got to say everything I wanted, and I hope people get an insight into who Chloë is."

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Even though she is undeniably one of the biggest stars in pop and R&B right now, Bailey has made headlines for her unabashed expression of her sexuality as far back as 2021. This created a divide in her fan base, with some applauding her boldness and others criticizing her for seeking attention. 

Despite the mixed reactions, the "Fighting Temptations" guest star has chosen to remain undeterred and continues to flourish in her career. During an interview on "The Real" in 2021, The Blast observed that she addressed the negative comments and explained that she was being true to herself.

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She also noted that she had accepted that only some would be fans of her style. The television personality stated, "I think it's about the support system you have around you. I have to remind myself, as long as I'm being authentic and myself, then that's all that matters."

Halle and Chloe Bailey at Cardi B's 30th
Instagram | Halle Bailey
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She added, "People say I do too much, and maybe I do, but it's not on purpose; it's just who I am… You can't please everybody. Some people will like me; some people don't. And that's okay. They're talking, so that's good!" 

The 'Cool People' Singer Opens Up About Dealing With Comparisons To Sister Halle

Despite being a beauty and talented musician, the "Have Mercy" singer is still subject to insecurities and nay-sayers. The Blast observed that she spoke out about the negativity she faced in January last year, particularly those who liked to compare her to her sister.

Speaking with In The Know magazine's Elaine Welteroth, the songstress stated, "How I would characterize my growing pains is it's tough for me to speak up for myself. I think being with my sister; it's easier to speak up."

She disclosed that she learned to tune out the negative comments of body-shamers and declared that their hurtful words are nothing but background noise. The star pointed out that she was able to create a lot of her critically acclaimed music because of them. 

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The "Grown-ish" star vehemently described the act of comparing the two sisters as "shallow" and "disturbing" and revealed that it was something she had to deal with all too often.

She told Welteroth, "It was very off-putting to know how people would try to put two young Black sisters who love their craft so much and love each other so much, how they try to pit them against each other because they're different in some ways."

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