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Painter Bob Ross’ Son Gets Brushed Off in Fight for Rights to Father's Image

By TheBlast Staff

Bob Ross' son does not have any joy over painting at the moment, because he was just shut down in an attempt to gain the sole rights to his father's name and likeness.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a federal court judge has thrown out the entire lawsuit filed by Bob’s son, Robert Ross, against Bob Ross Inc.

As we reported, Robert claimed he owned 100% of the rights to his father's name and right of publicity, and was going after the company his father formed during his life that handled all the intellectual property for Bob Ross merchandise.

Bob's son was also upset at recent deals with Netflix to license "The Joy of Painting," which he suspected was very lucrative.

Bob Ross Inc was founded by Bob, his widow Lynda and two friends. The judge in the case did not agree with Robert's argument to gain control of the intellectual property, and believed that Bob Ross Inc is the true owner of the late-painters' image.

In the final ruling, Robert was declared to have zero rights to his father's name and likeness, and the judge claimed he had no standing to file the lawsuit.

To put it in painting terms, Robert was beat harder in the courtroom than Bob beating the devil out of his brush after a mid-paint wash.

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