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Jameela Jamil Is Done With 'No Pain No Gain' Mantra, Launches New Movement Program

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 26, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Jameela Jamil has opened up about her mental health movement.

Over the last few months, the actress has been more vocal about body positivity and the illicit use of certain drugs to lose weight rapidly. In her latest move regarding the subject, Jamil has shared that she has started a new movement that would aid women who are often excluded from exercise plans to get the bodies they desire and improve their mental health. 

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Jameela Jamil Starts New Movement To Aid Women's Mental & Physical Health 

Known for "She-Hulk" and "The Good Place," Jamil proved that she was more than acting when she appeared on the "Today" show on Tuesday to promote her upcoming "Bad Dates" podcast.

Throughout the conversation, the radio host earnestly answered questions thrown at her by hosts Craig Melvin, Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, and Sheinelle Jones, often making them laugh. However, there was no fun in the former Channel 4 host when she elaborated on her lifestyle and dedication to creating better alternatives for women who want better bodies.

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Jameela Jamil at ELLE Women In Hollywood
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She explained that due to the connection between the weight loss and diet industries, people looked at exercise as "something where we disingenuously say 'it's for my mental health,' but for a lot of the time, it's about weight loss or it's about fitness, and it's become this very elitist culture."

The "Freshly Squeezed" actress continued that the elitism resulted in people, including those of color, with disabilities, pregnant, and those "who live in bigger bodies," getting left out. The 37-year-old further remarked:

"Every time we see someone in a bigger body wearing exercise clothes, there's outrage…global outrage. And so I'm done with the word 'exclusive.' I think it's a bad word…it means leaving people out."

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Jamil further mentioned that she was "done with no pain, no gain" because "mental health is the best form of exercise." Partakers did not need to wait endlessly before seeing a change in their general well-being and sleep patterns. She also reflected on her infamous eating disorder, revealing that she considered exercise "something I used to do just to punish myself for eating." 

Below the clip, which the "DuckTales" voice actress posted to Instagram, she encouraged her followers to join her "new movement MOVE FOR YOUR MIND where exercise is not punitive, none of that no pain no gain s**t. It's happy chemicals and good vibes only."

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"Yasssss move your body for the right reasons," one fan responded in the comments. A second person wrote, "THANK YOU for highlighting what an awful word 'exclusive' is. I've always hated it," and a third agreed, "I def had to rewire my brain when it comes to exercise. I need to do it cause it's good for my body, not just about weight."

Jamil had received similar treatment when she addressed the outcome of a lawsuit against a weight loss company in 2020. Per The Blast, the outfit — promoted by beloved celebrities including reality star Kylie Jenner — was slammed with a $15.2 million judgment for falsifying their products' benefits.

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The dark-haired British star took to social media to warn her followers about using certain products because highly-rated celebrities endorsed liquid products that promise weight loss. The "Harley Quinn" voice artist pointed out that professionals were available to help people to lose weight safely.

The "Robot Chicken" star finished her write-up with a plea for her fans to treat their bodies "with the care it deserves" and a reminder that her colleagues looked the way they did "because of surgeons, unhealthy starvation patterns, photoshop and personal trainers."

"The Official Chart" Alum Stuck With Selena Gomez Amid Weight Gain Controversy

The Blast observed that the former BBC Radio 1 presenter came to Selena Gomez's defense after the latter faced backlash for her recent weight gain. The "Only Murders in the Building" lead had become a social media topic after she showed up at the Golden Globes looking bigger than fans were used to.

Amid the controversy, Jamil took to her Instagram Story to call out the critics whose attack caused Gomez to explain her new weight. The "Rugrats" actress noted that for the 30-year-old having to "explain or defend her size" was "a sign that we are colossally FAILING as a society."

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She besieged her followers not to allow the "return of size zero," — which was happening due to her industry colleagues "taking diabetes meds to be skinny." "The Misery Index" host also did not want the habit of "women apologizing for their bodies" to return. 

Jamil's rant ended with praise for Gomez as a "gorgeous" woman who deserved better than she got from critics.

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