Wendy Williams' Husband Negotiating Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in Divorce, Including Talk Show Exit

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By TheBlast Staff on April 17, 2019 at 1:19 AM EDT

Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, has accepted the fact he will no longer be an executive producer on her daytime talk show, but he won't be walking away empty handed as he negotiates a lucrative settlement in the divorce that will also include a severance package for exiting the TV show.

Sources close to the couple tell The Blast, Hunter is in the middle of negotiating his exit from "The Wendy Williams Show" following the star's divorce filing. We’re told Hunter is not fighting the decision to end the marriage and will also be leaving as an employee of the show. But he wants to get paid, and our sources believe Hunter is looking at collecting a multi-million dollar settlement.

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Kevin is not only an executive producer on the hit television show, he's also one of the owners of Wendy's production company, which co-produces the show.

We're told he will not be allowed on set anymore, and will have his credit removed from the show soon. As far as the staff, we're told they are "celebrating" Hunter's departure because "nobody liked him" on the crew.

Although, the show itself can remove Hunter from his actual job as an EP, cutting ties completely with Wendy's estranged husband is no easy task.

We're told it's likely Hunter will be removed from the TV show as a formality while he continues negotiations for his all-encompassing settlement.

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Sources close to negotiations tell us the exit deal will take time due to so many assets co-mingled between the personal and professional lives of the former couple.

Wendy and Kevin have been together since 1997, and we're told he's seeking to have the gigantic amount of wealth to be evenly distributed, as he has been there since days one and has leverage here. The couple both played an active role in accumulating success over the years.

What may make things complicated -- New Jersey allows grounds for a fault divorce, which could majorly effect the distribution of property and funds. If Wendy accused Hunter of breaking up the marriage because of cheating, and can prove he spent marital funds while committing adultery, it could greatly impact his final settlement.

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On the flip side, drug habituation can be also be grounds for a fault divorce, so Hunter could accuse Wendy of causing the split due to her ongoing issues with substance abuse.

The bottom line -- the split between the two is not going to be easy ... and the real winners are going to be the divorce attorneys racking up tons of billable hours.

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