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The One Where Courteney Cox Saves The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 25, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

Courteney Cox is never too far away from her most beloved character. Cox rose to international fame for starring as Monica E. Geller throughout the 236 episodes of the NBC sitcom "Friends," which ran from 1994 to 2004.

Monica is one of the six main fictional characters on the show, and she is a chef known for her "cleanliness, competitiveness, and obsessive-compulsive nature."

Cox recently amazed fans by channeling her inner Monica as she took it upon herself to clean the Hollywood Walk of Fame less than a month after being honored with a star on the path.

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Courteney Cox Says 'Someone's Gotta' Clean The Hollywood Walk Of Fame 

Just like Monica's character, the 58-year-old filmmaker went into cleaning mode on the Hollywood Walk of Fame pathway, regardless of the passers-by moving around. She made a video of her carrying out the patriotic deed and shared it on Instagram in partnership with her home care brand Homecourt.

The reel began with a view of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before showing people walking, with a few dusting their shoes on the medals. Cox then emerged from a nearby store with cleaning tools, including a liquid cleaner and ticket roll, before getting down on her knees to wipe the stars.

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Although she could not reach all the stars, the video showed her handling her star and that of fellow actresses Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston.   Amid the cleaning, the "Masters of the Universe" actress, clad in jeans, a longsleeved turtle turtleneck blouse, and black boots, told passers-by that they could walk around the stars.

In the caption, she wrote, "Someone's gotta do it," while the post gained 6.8 million views and counting, with over 759k people dropping likes. Additionally, more than 12k fans could not help but react in the comment section, including celebrities like Witherspoon and her "Friends" co-star Lisa Kudrow.

The "Legally Blonde" actress exclaimed, "Thanks for keeping us clean, Court!!" On the other hand, Kudrow remarked, "Only the best thing ever."

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Demi Moore found the reel funny as she used laughing emojis, adding "love it." Another commenter joked, "Not just health department clean, Monica clean." A fifth fan noted that Cox cared for "her girls," while another follower acknowledged her brand by stating, "Stars shine brighter with Homecourt."

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Courteney Cox leaving the John Bishop show at Riverside studio's in West London.
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In February, the "Friends" alum was awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, making her the 2,750th person honored on the iconic street. She was celebrated by her former co-stars, Aniston, Kudrow, and Dern, who all shared beautiful tributes during the awarding ceremony.

Aniston showered the honoree with love by uploading three pictures from the event featuring herself, Cox, and Kudrow wearing all-black outfits. Cox donned a shimmering dress with a jacket while the other females wore pants and a trench coat. They appeared in high spirits in all the slides, including the final one — a throwback picture of them in a group embrace.

Taking to the caption, Aniston serenaded her longtime friend with heartwarming words that showed the vast affection the friends had for each other. "Very proud of our girl @courteneycoxofficial today. I love these women with literally every ounce of my heart and soul @lisakudrow and I were on a cloud being able to celebrate her and her incredible achievements," she wrote.

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The 'Cougar Town' Actress Will Not Join Any Future "Friends" Reunion 

Although Cox never shies away from reminding fans of her beloved character, Monica Geller, the Alabama native has no intention of ever reprising that role.

Months after the release of the HBO Max special "Friends: The Reunion," Cox had a few things to say about reuniting with her former co-stars and her thoughts on a possible future reunion. As reported, in an interview with Variety, she admitted that the reunion was very emotional.

Jennifer Aniston Gushes Over BFF Courteney Cox's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Achievement
Instagram | Jennifer Aniston
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The "Dirt" actress further spoke about her relationship with her co-stars, whom she was "really close to" even though they do not see each other often. She added that the six main stars have not been in the same room since the series ended in 2004.

As for another reunion in the future, she had no intentions of joining. Cox pointed out how old they would be by then, saying, "Can you imagine? We're 80 and 'let's go back in,'" before expressing gratitude to have been "a part of something that's still going on."

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