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Susie Evans Gets REAL About Clayton Echard Compatibility Insecurities

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 22, 2023 at 10:30 PM EDT

Reality star Susie Evans is opening her heart and sharing her thoughts on ex Clayton Echard and compatibility.

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Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
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Evans and Echard fell for one another during Echard's season of "The Bachelor." Their romance got off to a rocky start following the season finale: Evans would self-eliminate after reaching the third spot behind future 'Bachelorettes' Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

An author and health coach, Echard would end his season without giving a signature Neil Lane sparkler to any of his top three women. He and Evans would resume their romance off-camera but eventually split up in the fall of 2022.

Evans took a break from her wedding videographer work and lifestyle blogging to visit Nick Viall's "Viall Files" podcast for this week's 'Bachelor' episode recap. Since it's fantasy suite week in Zach Shallcross's rose-fueled bubble, Evans talked about compatibility and chemistry.

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The 29-year-old also got candid in sharing her thoughts about her ex's compatibility with another woman.

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Echard Recently Hung Out With Recchia And Their Hangout Was Documented On Social Media

The 'other woman' is no other than Echard's ex, Recchia. She and Echard ended their relationship in a painful breakup; Echard made one of the most controversial breakup decisions in recent Bachelor Nation history when he broke up with Recchia and Windey at the same time.

Recchia was adamant in telling Echard he would regret ending their relationship.

The former couple would raise eyebrows after they were spotted hanging out with Michelle Young and 'Bachelorette' alumni Blake Horstmann and his girlfriend, "Love Is Blind" alumna Giannina  Gibelli.

Recchia would soon debunk dating rumors on Instagram, and Echard would open up about the reunion.

Echard would give more details on Us Weekly's "Here For The Right Roses" podcast last month.

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Echard told the outlet, "That conversation was so powerful. I walked away from that experience, and I just remember thinking like, "Man, this just felt so rewarding. And I'm just so happy to know someone like her- after everything that happened- everyone that was mad at me, [but] nobody could be madder at me than her or Gabby. And so for her to forgive me and tell me that, 'Hey, I understand, and I don't hold this against you any longer,' that was probably one of the best things I could have heard..." he detailed. (per The Blast)

Evans Reveals Her Thoughts On Recchia's Compatability With Echard

If her cryptic Instagram story reference had indeed been an intentional response, it's not the only time she has had thoughts about the duo's relationship.

Viall asked Evans some tough questions in this week's podcast episode. The recently engaged host grilled Evans about ensuing pressures brought on by fantasy suite week, and the countless potential reasons why relationships in Bachelor Nation tend not to work out after an engagement.

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Evans revealed she would not have bothered getting back together with Echard for their post-show second chance if she had believed their relationship had run its course. She also revealed she had struggled more with the emotional intimacy side of their romance, than any physical intimacy-related insecurities.

"I remember struggling for a long time, thinking like, and to this day I still kind of think, I'm like, 'Why did you pick me?' Like, we aren't compatible!" Evans exclaimed.

She added, "I think it's more of a testament to the process of the show... you don't get enough quality time with that person. In my mind, I mean, that privacy behind fantasy suites, like in my mind, I was like, 'I would have to ask every question under the moon, I would really wanna know that person on such a deeper level, I would wanna know so much about them on a deeper level," she continued, "Because that's the only time you get to truly be real and raw, and like, not have to worry about the world judging you, but the show doesn't give you enough time to have those kinds of conversations."

Evans expressed that contestants don't determine their compatibility levels until after the show.

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"I remember looking back and being like, 'You were way more compatible with like... well, Rachel.' I remember thinking, I was like, 'why'd you pick me? Like, you had somebody that you probably would've been really compatible with, and other girls too who didn't make it quite as far."

After Viall confirmed her statements, she maintained Recchia and Echard would've made a more compatible couple at the time of filming.

She also revealed real-world realizations that gave her new insight into her post-show relationship with Echard.

Evans regularly shares other personal insights on her blog.

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