Britney Spears' Alleged Leaked Emails Attack Father, Call Business Manager a 'Stalker'

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By TheBlast Staff on April 24, 2019 at 3:42 AM EDT

Britney Spears mentioned she was not responsible for some "fake emails" that have been circulating, and after obtaining the messages, it's clear she doesn't want to be connected to the alleged bashing of her advisors and even her father.

The Blast obtained three separate emails allegedly sent by Spears in 2007, and the messages strongly criticize the way she was being treated by her management, including father, Jamie Spears.

In one email from June, 19, 2007, Spears apologizes to her dad for telling him to go "f*ck a duck," but says, "i know you are my family and have every right to be concerned by my actions but i still to this day feel like you guys went overboard by sending me away on a 16 hour flight that neither you or mama really looked into."

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She also claims her parents have concocted a "plot to send me away." The email ends by stating, "im sory [sic] you feel im a joke and im a bad mother maybe one day i might just be good enough 4 you but until then keep sending me speeches about love."

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As we reported, Spears claims she did not write the emails, and points the finger at ex-manager, Sam Lutfi. She says Lutfi was "pretending to be me and communicating with my team with a fake email address."

A source close to Lutfi strongly denies he wrote the emails, and claims he never had access to any of her email accounts.

Another email, dated November 18, 2007, has to do with the "Piece of Me" video shoot and accuses her advisors of going behind her back to take control of her scheduling and career. "I will be taking charge of my career from now on," the message reads. A treatment for the video is also included, where Spears allegedly envisioned the video going like this:

"MY treatment for Piece of me is

Sleek and modern looking apartment or loft.

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Me and my girlfriends running downstairs out to the car. paps take shots up our skirts.we jump

into a cab. head to bar. take a hot guy to the bathroom. blindfold him. tie him up, leave him in

the stall. cut to a dance number lwilI compose with the dancers it will be something playful. sexy

and fun. like me."

If you remember the final video, it wasn't too far off from the email demanded.


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The final email being circulated, also sent in 2007, focuses on Spears' alleged fear of her current business manager, Lou Taylor.

"There is a crazy lady Lou Taylor that has been sending stuff to my house," Spears allegedly wrote, adding, "I don't know her she is a stalker."

The accusation claims Taylor, who runs Tri Star management, believes Spears is "possessed and that she needs to come and kill these spirits." The email, sent to Spears' attorney, also claims Taylor is trying to communicate with Spears' father and she is allegedly worried for her family's safety.

As we reported, Spears is set to be released from the mental health facility imminently, and everyone around her is focused on the star's ongoing health and recovery.

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