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Izzy Fairthorne Is ‘Waiting On Summer’ In Her Little Bikini

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By Kristin Myers on March 20, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT

Model Izzy Fairthorne is a fitness trainer from Cheltenham, England, who has appeared in two popular Netflix reality series!

After appearing on season 3 of "Too Hot To Handle," the 23-year-old competitive field hockey player recently appeared on Netflix's "Perfect Match," which combined sexy singles from some of its top shows, including "Love Is Blind" and "The Circle."

Although she didn't find love on either show, she did prove that she is "Too Hot To Handle" and continues to drop jaws on Instagram with her steamy snaps!

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Izzy Fairthorne Is 'Too Hot To Handle' In Her Little Bikini!

In one recent Instagram post, the Netflix reality star shared a video set to the tune of “If Pretty Was A Person” as she posed for a mirror selfie, holding her camera up in front of her face with her long manicured nails.

She is wearing a tropical pink bikini with a gold hoop in the center of her chest. The matching thong bikini has the same gold hoop hooked around her left side as she poses for the shot with one lean leg crossed in front of the other.

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Izzy Fairthorne poses in a bikini
Instagram | Izzy Fairthorne
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In the caption, she wrote, “Waiting on summer.” Season 2 “Too Hot To Handle” Larissa Trownson gushed “Sexyyyy girl” in the comments. “Too hot to handle. Who cares about the prize fund if you have a girl like this in the house!” one fan gushed. London native Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson actually won the prize pool in season 3, but they broke up shortly after filming.

“If God made any woman prettier than you he should’ve kept her to himself,” one fan teased. “Drop dead gorgeous,” another follower wrote. “Summer is waiting on you,” a third fan chimed in. “For real, though, you are blessing my feed,” another follower gushed. “But it’s already hot when you look like this,” another fan teased.

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Izzy Shares Photo With 'Perfect Match' Cast After Show Wraps Filming In Panama

Cast Of Perfect Match
Instagram | Izzy Fairthorne

At the beginning of the month, Izzy shared a photo on Instagram that featured her “Perfect Match” costars posing together in the pool. They are all smiling for the shot with Izzy cuddled up beside her “Too Hot To Handle” season 3 costar Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel, who ended up winning the show (and also breaking up soon after).

Izzy had an interesting journey in the “Perfect Match” villa. After being linked to season 2 “Love Is Blind” reality star Shayne Jansen and “The Circle” reality star Nick Uhlenhuth, Izzy matched up with “Love Is Blind” season 3 reality star Bartise Bowden, who ended up choosing her over “Twentysomethings” reality star Abbey Humphreys, who had first matched with season 1 “Too Hot To Handle” reality star Francesca Farago.

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Abbey Humphreys On Perfect Match
Instagram | Abbey Humphreys

In the show’s finale, Izzy and Bartise recognized that their “biggest challenge” in their relationship was the distance between them, with Izzy living in the U.K. and Bartise living in the U.S. Although Bartise said that he was willing to “see what we can turn this into,” the two broke up shortly after filming wrapped.

Fans who had seen “Love Is Blind” felt that he was definitely not a match for Izzy, especially after the way he had treated his fiancée Nancy Rodriguez at the altar. “Not you picking Bartise as a match. You deserve so much better girl. Please don’t do that again!” one fan commented.

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Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez
Instagram | Bartise Bowden

“I don’t know how the f--- all these men drop the ball with you. The second you walked through the door, it would have been you or go home,” another follower wrote. “There are a lot of beautiful women that appeared on this show, and all throughout the Netflix shows over the years. You are easily ranked #1 for me.”

“I follow and love a lot of you reality stars, such amazing people in your daily lives, it’s pretty awesome we have things like Instagram to continue seeing our celebrity faves, but d--- Izzy, You are easily my favorite,” they continued as other fans commented to say that Izzy and Georgia were their favorite contestants on “Perfect Match.”

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Izzy Fairthorne poses in a black bra
Instagram | Izzy Fairthrone

Interested in more Izzy Fairthorne content? In another recent Instagram post, the Netflix reality star proved that she knows how to rock a pink bikini! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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