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Jenna Ortega Slammed As 'Entitled And Toxic' For Her Comments About The 'Wednesday' Script

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By Favour Adegoke on March 18, 2023 at 3:00 AM EDT

Hollywood writer and producer Steven DeKnight has called out Jenna Ortega over her criticism of the writers of the Netflix hit series, "Wednesday."

He slammed the actress in a series of tweets, saying that her negative comments about the writer's work were "beyond entitled and toxic." The writer also pointed out that she would have felt hurt if it was the showrunners slamming her acting abilities in public.

Following his comments, fans of the show reacted with varying opinions, some supporting DeKnight while others sided with Ortega.

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Jenna Ortega's Statement Was 'Beyond Entitled And Toxic'

Jenna Ortega

Taking to Twitter DeKnight slammed Ortega's comment about being unhappy with the writers' work during her appearance on a recent episode of Dax Shepard's podcast.

The actress was very critical of her "Wednesday" character, claiming on the show that many of the lines did not make sense to her and that she changed a few at some point.

DeKnight, who has scripted several hit series including, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and "Smallville" feels that Ortega's comments were "beyond entitled and toxic" even though he has been a fan of her work.

"I love talking with actors about their lines/stories," the "Daredevil" writer tweeted. "But by the nature of the beast, they don't have the full picture of where the story is going and why some lines are needed for the whole to make sense."

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While DeKnight also said that Ortega was "young" and might not "know any better," he pointed out that she would have felt hurt if it was the showrunners slamming her acting abilities in public.

The writer said, "She should also ask herself how she would feel if the showrunners gave an interview and talked about how difficult she was and refused to perform the material."

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Why Jenna Ortega Changed Her Lines On 'Wednesday'

Jenna Ortega at the Los Angeles Premiere of EMMA

Speaking on Shepard's podcast, Ortega said she doesn't think she "ever had to put [her] foot down more on a set in a way that [she] had to on Wednesday," per Daily Mail.

The actress cited several instances when the storylines did not appeal to her, including one about "her being in a love triangle."

She admitted to becoming almost "unprofessional in a sense" during filming by switching lines without warning anyone, only later explaining her reasons to them.

She said she changed the script because she worried it was 'boring' and would not resonate with audiences, particularly by making her character more likable.

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"You can't lead a story and have no emotional arc because then it's boring and nobody likes you," the actress said, "When you are little and say very morbid, offensive stuff, it's funny and endearing. But then you become a teenager, and it's nasty, and you know it. There's less of an excuse."

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Fans React To Steven DeKnight's Comments

Jenna Ortega at Kimmel

Ortega's comments have since generated multiple reactions online, further fueled by Steven DeKnight's critical remarks about her.

Although Ortega is yet to react, fans and viewers of the show have aired their opinions. Some supported the "Spartacus" writer, saying he was right to call out the actress for "publicly trashing" her coworkers.

"Your position on this issue has been clear from the beginning: Don't Publicly Trash Your Coworkers. Anyone not getting it at this point either hasn't been paying attention, or is deliberately trying to stir sh!t up," one Twitter user said.

However, some individuals slammed DeKnight for his opinions about the 20-year-old star of "The Addams Family" spin-off.

One person penned, "Jenna is 'Entitled' to her opinion, and you are a little concerned about what else she may share."

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Jenna Ortega

Ultimately, the comedy-horror series turned out to be a big hit regardless of the drama that might have ensued on set.

Following its debut on Netflix in November 2022, "Wednesday" became the second most-watched series on the streaming platform written in English within three weeks of its release. 

It has predominantly received positive reviews from critics, and Ortega has also been praised for her performance. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy and a Screen Actors Guild Award nod for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series.

Ortega was also nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Female TV Star (Family), ultimately winning the prize on March 4, 2023, at its 36th edition.

The actress will reprise her role in the series following the showrunners announcing its renewal in January 2023. In the meantime, they are yet to share details about its release dates or casting.

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