50 Cent Suggests Teairra Marí Lied About Her Grandpa's Funeral to Avoid Paying Up

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By TheBlast Staff on May 2, 2019 at 10:53 PM EDT

50 Cent is accusing "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Teairra Marí of possibly lying about a grandfather’s funeral to avoid showing up to court over the $35,000 she owes him.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, 50 Cent is accusing Marí of constantly trying to avoid paying him, and he wants an additional $25,000 for the anguish of having to chase the reality star down.

Marí failed to appear at a financial examination last month, after she had been ordered to appear over owing 50 Cent $30,000 in attorney fees. She was hit with the judgment after the rapper prevailed in her revenge porn lawsuit.

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In his newly filed documents, 50 says Marí deliberately failed to appear and says she has made “blatant efforts” to avoid paying him. He accuses the reality star of publicly mocking the court’s authority and using the judgment to generate publicity for herself, and has been "celebrating her flouting of the Court’s judgment."

"Fofty" also points to a t-shirt Marí is selling with the phrase "FXCK THE LAW" and even one that says "I Ain’t Got It."

The G-Unit rapper says he has served subpoenas against Marí's bank accounts, only to discover they have been closed or overdrawn. He claims to also have tried to collect her "Love & Hip Hop" money, but hasn’t seen a dime yet.

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Marí's lawyers had previously asked to push back the financial exam hearing because they claimed she was attending her grandfather’s funeral, but 50's legal team has pointed out that Marí was posting about shooting a music video on the day she was supposed to be mourning.

As we reported, the judge in the case recently issued a warrant for Mari’s arrest but held it until a hearing later this month so she won't be in any actual danger of arrest unless she blows off the next hearing.

The judge has not yet ruled on awarding 50 any extra money.

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