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Emily Elizabeth Quenches Her Thirst While Dripping Wet In Black Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on March 16, 2023 at 10:00 PM EDT

Emily Elizabeth attracts admirers with another killer bikini update!

The influencer gave fans too much to handle with a massive eyeful as she enjoys the sunshine in her scanty swimwear. Her 2.2 million Instagram followers are no strangers to her raunchy posts, but each one always gets them feeling excited. Just like the recent update.

Emily, who was in Mexico at the time, showed off her bikini while quenching her thirst.

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Emily Elizabeth posing on the balcony in her bikini.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The picture saw the 24-year-old standing by the pool with the blue sky and the vast ocean filling up the background. She posed by using her left hand to hold her drink close to her mouth, while she left her right arm hanging on her side. Emily sipped on the straw as she gazed at something off-camera. She was dripping wet, possibly from swimming.

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Looking Way Too Stunning

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Twitter | Emily Elizabeth

Emily rocked an all-black number that exposed plenty of skin. She rocked low-cut bottoms and an impossibly tiny top that caused her buxom curves to spill out on all sides. It featured triangle cups with a plunging neckline that exposed her cleavage. Thin straps provided support and went over her shoulders, highlighting her slender arms.

The matching thong allowed Emily to show off her toned midsection as its scooped front dipped several inches below her navel. Its sides accentuated her trim waist, stretching just above her hip bones, highlighting her slender hips.

The black bathing suit popped against her tanned skin, which was bathed by the sun's golden glow. Emily kept her beach day attire simple by wearing only a pair of pearl stud earrings.

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Hotter Than The Sun

Emily Elizabeth drinking.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily is no stranger to sharing thirst traps. Earlier this month, she tantalized her fans by posting a video of herself wearing the same bikini as she emerged from the pool.

The model was seen spreading her arms as she walked out of the water. When she reached the edge, Emily lowered her arms while looking straight into the lens with a sultry gaze.

The clip then captured Emily from the knee up as she moved closer to the camera -- giving a closer look at her hourglass curves and incredible thigh gap.

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Looking Like A Piece Of Art

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera in her bikini.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily didn't hesitate to get soaking wet for the steamy clip, showing off her damp tresses. Numerous water droplets clung to her sculpted body, which made her skin glisten in the sunshine.

The footage also showed the babe adjusting her thong by pulling up the side straps in line with her midriff before moving on with her top. Her move caused her colossal chest to bounce, much to the delight of her online audience. Emily ended the footage by running her hands through her wet tresses.

As of today, the video has been watched over 1.2 million times.

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Basking In The 'Golden Hour'

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

On Wednesday, March 15, Emily proved that she looks good in anything she wears. She added an image on her Instagram feed that saw her sporting a tight white crop top with an extremely low-cut neckline and a sleeveless design during "golden hour."

The model paired the upper garment with high-rise denim pants.

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