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Kelly Rizzo Explains Decision To Sell Her & Bob Saget's Home After His Passing

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 18, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT

More than a year after the late Bob Saget's unfortunate passing, his wife, Kelly Rizzo, made the difficult decision to sell their house, despite the beautiful memories they shared.

On January 9, 2022, the renowned comedian departed this earth after he was found unresponsive in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida, amid his stand-up tour.

Such a heart-wrenching loss was too much for Rizzo to bear hence her decision, and she is now shedding more light on why she had to take that huge step in moving forward.

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Kelly Rizzo Says She Had To Sell Her And Bob Saget's Home Because It Became A 'Situation'

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The grieving TV host recently made an appearance on the "Tamron Hall Show," where she discussed her reasons for putting her and her deceased spouse's home on the market.

She explained that as part of moving forward and taking "gradual steps," the "home situation" felt strange, given the constant presence of Saget in her life.

"If you go into my new house," she said, "I mean, there's pictures of him everywhere. I say it's like just shy of a Bob museum, but you know he's still everywhere."

Rizzo, who continuously looks at videos and pictures of the deceased, revealed that she learned a new thing about grief that influenced her choice to sell their home.

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She shared, "I've learned recently about grief that something about the home that you shared sometimes can be very triggering and can be even if you had wonderful memories there, even if it was such a positive experience, which it was."

The onscreen star added that Saget loved their house and it was "such a positive memory." However, she realized that whenever a person passed, the home itself could become a "situation."

All the same, it felt nice to get the pressure off and sell their home, which she confessed, noting that she did not realize it was s situation until recently.  According to PEOPLE, the couple's Brentwood mansion's sale was handled by the family agent Adam Saget and was sold for $5.4 million after it was initially listed for $7.765 million last June.

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The 6,608 square feet residence was originally built in 1964 and renovated in 2003, and it currently comprises a grand motor court, three-car garage, pool, spa, and barbecue entertainment area.

The actor and comedian purchased the building in 2003 for $2.87 million, but about four months after his death, his bereaved spouse confirmed via an Instagram Q&A session that she had moved out.

When asked about her new home, she said it was "very cheery and bright" while also showing pictures of her and her late husband placed on the counter.

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The "Eat Travel Rock TV" Host Honored Late Husband In First Death Anniversary Tribute

Before selling the house, Rizzo marked Saget's first death anniversary with a heartfelt message exclusively written for publication that partly read:

"Each day is a mixture of remembering him as my sweet and adorable husband who was my best friend and did everything he could every day to make me feel loved and special."

She continued, "Mixed with me remembering him as how the world saw him. A great comedian, a person who could bring out the best in people, and a man with a philanthropic heart who only wanted to help people."

The television star further confessed that she missed the deceased's "sweetness and cuteness" and wanted everyone to remember him as a truly "great" man.

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo smiling.
Instagram | Kelly Rizzo
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Not only did Rizzo pay homage to his memory with an exclusive tribute, but she also shared one more on Instagram. In the lengthy tribute, she began, "One year. Our hearts are so heavy. How could I not have talked to or seen my loving husband in a whole year? The surreal-ness never subsides."

The social media personality then wrote that she accepted the reality long ago, but it still seemed unreal whenever she saw pictures or videos of Saget so "full of life."

Nevertheless, the thought of being the "luckiest" to have lived with her lover's "warmth, laughter, brilliance, and love," as well as witnessing him making the world a better place, made every day survivable, which she would be forever grateful for.

The moving tribute came after Rizzo marked her first Christmas and their fourth wedding anniversary without the "Fuller House" actor.

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