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TikTok Star Elyse Myers Has Made Her Way To Late Night TV!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 16, 2023 at 3:30 PM EDT

Elyse Myers can cross something new off of her bucket list!

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Elyse Myers
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The TikToker, who shot to fame for her hilarious stories and relatable persona, has achieved more opportunities in the last year than many receive in a lifetime!

Her podcast was recently advertised on a billboard in Times Square, she has connected with countless members of Bachelor Nation, and surely has inspired a few chuckles at the Taco Bell drive-thru!

By now, Myers, 29, is no stranger to encountering and befriending celebs; she has connected with N'Sync alum and current TikTok star Lance Bass, and a recent TikTok duet with one of today's biggest names has inspired a giant professional milestone!

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Myers' Pregnancy Announcement(s) Go Viral!

Myers and her husband Jonas, have shared many glimpses into their lives thanks to Elyse's TikTok success.

Recently, the duo was able to share a blessed life moment with Elyse's followers; Elyse and Jonas announced their family would have a new addition come September! The couple announced Elyse's pregnancy in a sweet TikTok inspired by "The Office" last month. Jenna Fischer, who memorably played Pam Beesley on the show, congratulated the couple!

The Myers' announcement ended up not landing in every corner of the internet! Elyse later had to create yet another pregnancy announcement TikTok after some followers had missed the initial video; she tailored the second announcement to be a manual for announcing a pregnancy online.

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One of her tips was not to have the video revolve around an older TV show; the final episode of "The Office" will be 10 years old in May!

Myers described her choice as being "too niche. People won't understand that it's an announcement and they'll think that it's a really weird ad for a show that stopped airing 10 years ago."

She then advised to "Keep it short, under 10 seconds, or else people will miss it and you'll spend the next nine months announcing your pregnant every time you make a post."

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As many TikTok creators are likely familiar with, the app's algorithm has a lot to do with a video's success. Myers addressed this point in her next tip, writing, "Moving on to number three, the algorithm will decide for you." She then revealed most TikTok users had learned she was pregnant via a later TikTok about craving cereal and chocolate chips together!

According to our report, Myers' TikTok about her craving generated 12 million views while her initial announcement had only reached 3.1 million. One of her followers commented on the video and confirmed they had thought the cereal TikTok had been Myers' announcement!

Myers Finds An Unlikely Dance Partner In Penn Badgley, But There's A Twist!

Myers displayed some fabulous footwork in a TikTok set to Meghan Trainor's outrageously viral track "Made You Look." A certain TV star did indeed look at her TikTok: Penn Badgley would later 'duet' the video with some moves of his own!

The "You" star and Mothxr frontman memorably made an impression after joining the app; his inaugural TikTok paid tribute to his "You" character Joe Goldberg and used Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" in the background.

Myers and Badgely later connected in the comment section of his "Made You Look" TikTok; she excitedly wrote, "Penn, you absolutely nailed this [laughing emoji]." He then responded, "No lie, I learned it mirrored and then watched yours again and had to reverse it which is surprisingly very hard."

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The pair's duet would go on to make a giant impression! Jimmy Fallon showed the clip during Badgely's appearance on "The Tonight Show" from last night!

She would commemorate the big moment with a TikTok; Myers has a conversation with herself, revealing all of the details.

"You were on the 'Tonight Show' last night!" one Myers tells the other.

"Oh my god, for my storytelling?" the other asks.

"mmm-mm," she says.

"for my... skits?"


"...for my singing?"


The mirrored version of Myers then watches herself open a laptop revealing footage of Badgley's appearance and the clip where the duo's TikTok is shown!

She grimaces for a second and asks, "Was there any context, or was it just that?"

"Just that," the first Myers responds.

'Mirrored' Myers then realizes how exciting the moment is and proclaims, "STILL COUNTS! PUT IT ON MY RESUME!"

Viewers can watch Penn Badgley's character Joe Goldberg's on-screen hijinks in the fourth season of "You." Both parts of the two part season are now streaming!

Elyse Myers' podcast, "Funny Cause It's True," can be streamed on all podcast platforms!

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