Harvey Weinstein Exits Criminal Court 3rd Day of Jury Deliberations

No Lawyers Want To Represent Harvey Weinstein for Remainder of Legal Woes

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By Kay on March 16, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT

Harvey Weinstein is having one heck of a time finding a new legal team ahead of his appeal against sexual assault and rape charges.

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Harvey Weinstein Wants A New Team

Penelope Cruz leaving The May Fair Hotel with Harvey Weinstein and heading to Cipriani restaurant

The disgraced executive is ready to appeal his verdict in Los Angeles, but he wants a whole new legal team to make that happen. There’s one problem, no one is interested in working with Weinstein and the date is fast approaching.

Deadline shared some quotes they rounded up of Los Angeles lawyers who want nothing to do with Weinstein or that case. Some of them were kind enough to offer advice and others couldn’t contain their disgust.

Jacqueline Sparagna, an associate at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP is the one who has been repping Weinstein in his verdict appeal. It’s unknown what lead to the separation but Weinstein has 16 years on the line and needs legal representation ASAP.

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Local Attorneys Are Hands Off

Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court

Deadline is reporting that while Weinstein is locked up in a Downtown Los Angeles jail, he is making calls daily to reach out to lawyers on the far West Coast legal community. Some of those lawyers are commenting.

“I wouldn’t get near that motherf****r with a 10-foot pole,” claimed one lawyer based in L.A. “He needs a new strategy to have an even a fighting chance,” stated another.

Another high-profile lawyer found it interesting that he is challenging the witness’s credibility. “To question the credibility of the state’s witnesses, you have to offer a compelling counter-narrative. To do that, you need a lawyer who is a great communicator, who sends a message to the jury with their presence,” said the Century City lawyer to Deadline.

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They continued, “Not to sound like a fossil, but I think he needs to hire a woman,” the male lawyer claimed.

For those wondering why he can’t use his other legal team, that case was based out of New York City. There, his team is solid, he is represented by, Arthur Aidala, Barry Kamins, a retired NY Supreme Court Judge and Diane Fabi Sampson of Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC.

The team was unsuccessful in the 2020 Manhattan case.

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Harvey Weinstein Accusers Remove The Mask

Evgeniya Chernyshova Is Jane Doe #1 In Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial, Put Exec Behind Bars In L.A.

Some of Weinstein’s accusers felt compelled to remove the Jane Doe façade and reveal their identities to have a bigger impact on Weinstein’s actions. Jane Doe #4 revealed herself to be Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The alleged victim spoke openly about her accusations against Weinstein.

“He tried to ruin my life and the lives of so many other women,” she claimed in a statement written and read during her day in court. “He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison,” she believed.

Another victim Jane Doe #2 came forward as Lauren Young. She said that all she hoped for was for Weinstein “to be held accountable for what he did to me.”

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Jane Doe #5 revealed herself as Kate Jaggard. She too wanted to give Weinstein a piece of her mind and celebrated that the executive will be behind bars. “In my opinion, the conviction was a win for all sexual assault victims.”

For Harvey’s sake, we hope he finds legal representation fast, it’s proving to be a challenge regardless of the money he is able to fork out.

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