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Jena Frumes Claps Back At Victim Blamers After Her House Is Robbed

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 13, 2023 at 3:15 PM EDT

After revealing her home was robbed while on vacation with her son, Jena Frumes had some people victim blaming and telling her to stop sharing certain things on social media. The model recently shared a new update about what happened and also clapped back at the comments that are not helping matters.

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Jena Frumes' House Was Robbed While She Was Away

Jena Frumes

In an update post on Instagram, Frumes shares more of her story. She starts off by saying, "this is not the time to victim blame," and that she will be "pulling back from sharing my life now."

"Even though I rarely post in real time it happened to me. My home got burglarized Thursday February 23rd at around 1:03am. Call me dumb whatever but this loser broke into our home where I’m raising my toddler and stole almost all of our valuables including these bags," she captioned a photo of the bags stolen and a video clip of the burglar.

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"I feel violated, angry, sad that it's so easy for someone to take what I've worked hard for. If you recognize this man his mannerism’s or any of these bags attempted to be sold (there's more items these are just very specific) please reach out to me or the police," her caption continued.

"Again it’s not about the bags I’ve just heard cases where these guys get caught trying to resell. Let's catch this guy. I’m all about principle yes it sucks my valuables were stolen but also stole our peace of mind. Most of all I feel hella violated that my safe place has been burglarized and ransacked."

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Her caption continued to explain that while police were contacted and a report was filed, it's not at the top of their list of priorities, so she's asking for help.

"Tag your friends in Los Angeles area tag all the local consignment shops so no one else has to experience this from this guy. I’ve literally had 4 friends reach out to me to tell me they were robbed this year," she wrote.

"The police were contacted and a report was filed however I can see this isn’t top of their priorities so if you have any information, please reach out thanks guys and be safe. I used to love Los Angeles but now all they do is rob you out here y’all killed the dream. Can’t even feel safe in our own home."

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Jena Frumes' Instagram Followers Left Comments About Her Situation

Jena Frumes and Jason King
Jena Frumes - TikTok

While many comments on her update post turned into a debate about the residents of Los Angeles defunding police, many of her followers had kind things to say and shared their experiences.

One follower wanted to point out that asking how the robber got into the house isn't something anyone should be concerned with or broadcasting. "Stop asking how he got in she literally just said she's pulling back from sharing things. Tons of people are getting robbed here in LA and were trying to stop it not give a damn tutorial on how it's done. ?"

Many others left comments about how calm the man is while taking Frumes' things, leading some to believe it must be someone she knows in one way or another.

"He’s seems super casual and nonchalant. Someone you know either purposely or inadvertently told him your plans. He’s not acting like someone who is worried about getting caught if he takes too long," one person wrote.

Another added, "Super weird he acted alone and also knew to wear gloves hoping to cover fingerprints. He also walking way too calm / casual in and out. This not his first time."

One person shared a similar situation. "Ugh so Sorry this happened to you. It’s happened to us and our friends as well. It’s terrifying and a horrible feeling of violation. Thank god, you and the baby are safe & good. I hope someone on here can help out and stop these losers."

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