Adam Sandler Hits AN ABSOLUTE BOMB With 'Happy Gilmore' Golf Swing 25-Years Later

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By Jeff Mazzeo on February 16, 2021 at 11:31 AM EST


Adam Sandler was already a golf legend, thanks to his 1996 movie "Happy Gilmore," but he just impressed one of the world's top golf professionals when he used his famous swing to smash a rocket into the fairway!

The Sandman was enjoying a mid-week round on Tuesday, February 16 when he decided to put his old skills to the test. "Okay, it's been 25-years since I've done this," Adam explained before stepping into the tee box. "Let's see what happens!"

Scroll down to watch him smoke his drive!

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"I'm scared," Sandler said before attempting the first Gilmore swing since the movie. "Shooter McGavin, this is for you!"

Just like in the film, he started a few yards behind the ball to get a running start (if you recall, Happy was a hockey player with a crushing slapshot but couldn't skate).

"And I'm not lying to you, that is smashed!" Adam excitedly declared after his powerful/unpractical drive. "That went pretty well. You're dead, Shooter!"

Keep scrolling to see which PGA Tour pro was really impressed!

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It didn't take long for Shooter McGavin, a.k.a. Christopher McDonald to respond to the monstrous drive. "Nice drive, Gilmore," McDonald said in his video. "25-years huh? Let's see if it's Shooter's tour."

McDonald then placed the camera behind his putter. "It's all about the short game!" He declared. "Drive for show, putt for dough!"

"Shooter!" he exclaimed when he drove the putt home. "Still got it!"

Christopher followed up his putt by expressing his extreme gratitude to Sandler for putting him in that iconic role. "Why don't you just meet me at the 9th green at nine, Gilmore... little secret of the pros!"

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"Happy loves you all! Thanks for everything!" Adam wrote in the caption of his post.

It's a safe bet that most players on the PGA Tour grew up watching Happy hit bombs and one of the longest hitters on tour gave Sandler major props for bringing back the swing.

"Massive bombs!! Lets goo??," Bryson DeChambeau, winner of the 2020 U.S. Open and a major power hitter, wrote.

Sandler's swing even impressed long-drive champion, Kyle Berkshire. "Can you give me some long drive tips?"

Check out DeChambeau hitting a bomb at the range ahead of The Genesis Invitational at Riviera below!

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Can you believe that it's been 25-years since Chubbs worked his magic on Happy?! Julie Bowen, Happy's love interest in the flick, reflected on her initial thoughts about the cult classic 25 years later. She admitted that she didn't truly understand what a huge movie it would become.

“At the time I just thought, ‘Oh, no one will ever see this,’” Bowen told Yahoo Entertainment. “And I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

“It still just really cracks me up every time,” she continued. “And just thinking about that day and nobody [knew] for sure how it was gonna go. On paper maybe it sounds like it was gonna be funny… But boy, was it funny.”

We will forever be celebrating Bowen's character, Virginia Venit, and Happy's "Endless Love!"

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