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Selena Gomez Admits She Will 'Never, Ever Be In More Debt' Than To Francia Raisa

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By MLC on March 13, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Selena Gomez will never be able to repay her debt to Francia Raisa.

The actresses were involved in a very serious surgery back in 2017. While battling Lupus, SelGo had to get a lifesaving kidney transplant.

Raisa was a match and the friends were quickly taken into surgery.

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Selena Reflects On Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez and Francia Raísa

Since then, the two have had a roller coaster friendship with rumors of a falling out.

However, according to SelGo’s recent appearance on Apple TV+’s “Dear…” the ‘Only Murders’ star admitted she owes everything she has to her “best friend.”

"I will never ever, ever be more in debt to a person than Francia," she admitted in the March 10th episode.

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Selena Will Never, Ever Be More In Debt To A Person Than Francia

"It was one of those moments where I felt watched over," Selena explained. "I know I was so, so, so lucky. I understand that that doesn't happen for a lot of people and I know the outcome of some of those situations and how serious they are, so I do not take it lightly that it's happened to me that way."

Everything between the friends seemed amazing after the surgery. They got matching tattoos and she even thanked Raisa during her 2017 acceptance speech at the “Billboard’s Women in Music.”

But that all changed last year when SelGo told Rolling Stone she felt Taylor Swift was her “only friend” in the industry.

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SelGo & Francia Got Into A Passive Aggressive War Of Words

How I Met Your Father TV Show photocall Los Angeles
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How I Met Your Father TV Show photocall Los Angeles
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Raisa retaliated and commented “interesting” on an E! News IG post, but it has since been deleted. Raisa also unfollowed Sel.

The passive aggressive exchange didn’t end there.

Selena then commented on a TikTok video breaking down the drama saying, “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know.”

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Despite the back-and-forth passive aggressive texts, Selena once again reiterated how grateful she is for the journey she’s been on with Raisa.

"I think it had to happen the way that it did in order for me to get to where I am," Selena said. "I was meant to go through it to do something for others."

A few days ago was International Women’s Day and Selena celebrated it by sharing a message to her younger self.

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“Dear younger me, please don’t be afraid to ask for help.❤️” she wrote. “Today is International Women’s Day and I want each of us to be gentler to ourselves. Write your younger self a @RareBeauty #rarereminder and stick it on your mirror to remind yourself that you deserve the world. Love you.”

SelGo has also been making headlines due to an ongoing feud with Justin and Hailey Bieber.

The “Never Say Never” singer was accused of shading his ex-girlfriend at his birthday celebration.

JB gifted attendees a souvenir with a cryptic message.

The gesture was described as “petty” by fans, alongside several comments about the singer “still living in the past.” The controversy around the souvenir further fueled the flames around Selena’s ongoing drama with Hailey.

Hailey Bieber Shares Sweet Bday Message To Husband Justin Bieber
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The gift read, “I’m so grateful that I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted.”

Although he did not explain why he had the statement etched on the souvenir, fans immediately surmised that it was a jab at his ex, who is currently embroiled in an online feud with Hailey.

Amid the outrage on social media, Selena took to TikTok to seemingly address the issue as she asked her fans to “be kind.”

“Thank you, and love you all so much. I’m deeply grateful for each and every one of you humans. You make me unbelievably happy,” the singer captioned a clip of herself doing a makeup tutorial, per Daily Mail.

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