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Ciara Shows She Would Do 'Anything For Fashion' In Hilarious Video

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 12, 2023 at 1:45 PM EDT

Ciara is testing the limits of fashion!

Apart from her vast musical talents, the iconic pop star is also known for her incredible sense of style and daring fashion choices. In a new video posted on social media, she proved that she would go to great lengths for the perfect look.

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Ciara Goes to Extreme Lengths for Fashion in Funny Video

The singer shared a hilarious clip in which she could be seen walking into a room sideways with a laugh due to the large red structure on her head. She wore a black buttoned-up long-sleeved shirt with an oversized bow on her chest. Her shirt also had strings at the bottom that held a fringe-like skirt at the bottom.

She paired the look with short purple shorts that hugged her ample bottom, knee-high purple and white striped socks, and black block heels. Giggling happily, she walked sideways further into the room till she was out of sight. She captioned the clip, "Anything for fashion ?❤️."

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In another reel, she shared highlights of herself in several contractions, each looking more amazing than the next. One of the outfits looked like it was made from aluminum. It consisted of a spiral design for the lower part of her body, held in place by silver strands hanging from her shoulders.

It was paired with a leather shirt with broad shoulders, red socks, and matching covered shoes with straps running up legs. The streets of Paris served as her runway for her to showcase her outfits, as the designers rallied around her making sure nothing was out of place.

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In the caption, she wrote, "Paris Fashion Week, you were Paradise! This was one of my favorite moments being with the legend @noirkeininomiya and wearing pieces from his new beautiful collection! These are the moments I live for! Fashion is Art ?️." 

Her fans loved the look so much that they could not help but gush over it in the comment section. Like these followers who excitedly wrote, "??? so much fun!!!" And "I love it! So whimsical! ???."

Another person mentioned how the actress always stuns during events like these, stating, "I'm telling ya, Fashion Week Cici is unmatched! The creativity is next level! ????." 

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This fourth fan noted, "A true model you are … it's a vibe!❤️." Unsurprisingly, many designers love to ask the "Like A Boy" singer to model their looks, seeing as her body looks incredibly amazing even after three children.

In February, The Blast noted that she showed off her fit figure as she basked in the sun. In the photo, she could be seen posing on a white tiled floor in a gorgeous wine-colored bikini set, sweeping her long locks to the side.

Ciara confidently crossed her toned legs and completed the look with pink-hued sunglasses. The glow from the sun behind her highlighted her beautiful makeup-free face and infectious smile. The caption read, "If it don't bring me joy. I don't want it ☀️."

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Russell Wilson Shares Details Of Heartwarming Date With Daughter 

The Denver Broncos quarterback is not only a star on the football field but also a doting father. Recently, he made headlines when he took his daughter, Sienna Princess, on a special date, which he shared with his followers in a post on his page. 

The Blast noted that the sweet gesture earned him and his wife, Ciara, even more admiration from fans as they proved that they are a power couple in every aspect of their lives.

Wilson donned a mauve suit with a white t-shirt underneath and a gold Cuban link chain, while the 5-year-old wore a pink dress with a bow at the waist, white pop socks, a fur jacket, shoes, and a hair bow. The clip, which included pictures of the father-daughter duo together, was captioned, "Our first Daddy-Daughter Dance! And yes, we danced to Girl on Fire! ??."

In the comments, Ciara gushed over them, writing, "My heart ?," while another followed noted, "I smiled through the entire thing?." A third user described her beau as "sent from God himself ??," while a fourth expressed appreciation for his actions, "Thank you for being a good role model for men."

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