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Kourtney Kardashian Believes She Is A 'Lucky Girl' & Wants To Teach You About It

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 12, 2023 at 11:30 AM EDT

The ever-supportive Kourtney Kardashian has something exciting for her millions of female fans, and she naturally did not hesitate to clue them in!

Kourtney, who recently went all blonde feels she is in her "lucky girl" era. Now, she wishes for fans to experience such good fortune as she has no qualms with teaching them about it.

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Kourtney Kardashian Teaches Fans 'How To Catch Lucky Girl Syndrome' On Instagram  

The oldest Kardashian sibling is showing the girlies how to attract luck this season just like she has, given the amazing things that have happened in her life in the past year. Kourtney took to her Instagram Story to share a blurry picture of herself in a casino, looking high-spirited as she was snapped laughing with her head thrown back.

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Kourtney Kardashian enters her blonde era
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She donned a graphic white tee shirt, a mini leather skirt, and knee-high boots while she completed her look with dark sunglasses and simple jewelry. The reality star then attached a link to the post, directing fans to check out her Poosh writeup on "How To Catch Lucky Girl Syndrome." 

As seen on her website, the article explained the viral TikTok syndrome in detail and was a call out to every woman doubting themselves as 2023 began.

"Lucky Girl Syndrome is basically a mash-up of the law of attraction and the law of assumption," it read. "The former says that positive thinking attracts positive outcomes. The latter says that what we assume to be true becomes reality."

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To be one of the lucky ones, fans only had to stick to optimism and positive thinking, improving their self-esteem and mental health. Similarly, "manifestation and positive affirmations" are the major components of the syndrome to help "cultivate a positive mindset."

According to recovery counselor Erica Spiegelman, "When we focus our energies on what we desire and how that would bring us real emotional change, there is clarity." In addition, Spiegelman told the outlet that such a decision leads one to "a point where we make choices and change our thought habits into more positive ones that ultimately support the manifestation as well."

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Another tip to catch that "Lucky Girl Syndrome" is to use positive language in the present tense and remember the "real, applied work that is part of the process."  The article listed a few examples to get inspiration, namely, "I am so lucky," "Everything always works out the best for me," "My dreams are coming true," "I am attracting unconditional love," and "I have everything I need." 

Kourtney wanted readers to keep in mind that although our self-perception influences how we live, it is no doubt not the only thing making an impact.

Kourtney Kardashian lucky girl
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She believed so because luck is also influenced by "systemic biases and privilege." Moreover, the piece emphasized ensuring that females do not "lucky girl" themselves into a "toxic positivity territory."

Jennifer Galvan, Ph. D, notes in the article, "There is so much pressure around staying positive nowadays. Many people are left feeling inadequate if they're unable to maintain a positive attitude at all times."

In conclusion, the write-up explains that "there is space for a range of emotions to exist," meaning people can identify the perks of a positive attitude while also normalizing negative feelings.   

The 'KUWTK' Alum Faces Copyright Allegations Over New Vaginal Gummies

While fans are eating up every content Kourtney dishes through her successful brands, Poosh and Lemme, critics are naturally noting her faults, like they recently did with her newly launched Purrr gummies.

As The Blast reported, Purrr is a new line of wellness products from Lemme focused on promoting vaginal health. However, the brand's name seems to have been taken from the Black community without credit.

Rapper Rolling Ray is known to have popularized the catchphrase "Purrr," often used in his music and viral videos, but with Kourtney's use of the phrase, he was put off, prompting him to slam her.

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Kourtney Kardashian celebrates Lemme brand

"I actually like you," he expressed, "now u wanna take from the black community again…u know where the name started… this is becoming too much..we never heard you purr a day in life.."

Fans of the "BigPurrrr" creator quickly backed his claims and bashed the Kardashians for constantly taking from people without regard.

One alleged that the KarJenners have been stealing from the Black community since childhood, while several advised Ray to trademark all his sayings to avoid such instances.

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