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'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Gush Over Tammy And Amy Slaton's Weigh Loss In Rare Picture

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By Favour Adegoke on March 11, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST

American reality TV personalities and YouTube content creators Tammy and Amy Slaton have left fans shocked and amazed after a new picture of them emerged.

It's not been all rosy for the sisters, as Amy recently split from her husband just months after they welcomed their son. On the other hand, Tammy had a health scare in January and ended up in the hospital because she was having trouble breathing.

Read on for more details.

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Amy & Tammy Slaton Stun Fans In New Photo

Following the emergence of a new photo, Amy and Tammy of "1000-lb Sisters" fame can be seen radically transformed as they continue their weight loss journey.

Fans were in complete disbelief at the sister's weight loss journey in the photo. The duo can be seen sitting next to one another and grinning at the camera in the picture.

Amy, 35, wore a light blue top with black sweatpants and completed the look with loafers, while Tammy, 36, wore a similar top with a gray cardigan, per The Sun. She recently made headlines after walking without a cane for the first time in years. She has since lost about 300 pounds.

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Fans Gush Over Their New Look

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos With Tracheostomy Tube

Fans shared their reactions on social media in response to the sister's new photo, which showed their weight loss success.

As seen on Reddit, a fan gushed, "Can you imagine how much better she feels, and that's probably why her attitude is better. I know she still has a long way to go, but what she's already lost has to be a huge relief for her body. I'm proud of her and hope she continues on a healthier path."

A second fan wrote, "I'm so proud of them, it's really hard to heal from trauma and binging but they seem to be doing good. I hope they keep going."

"Wow! I wonder if Tammy will need to be on oxygen forever now or as she loses more and more weight her breathing will get better," another fan noted.

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"Good golly, you're right - they're both lookin' GOOD! Might have to change the name of the show to '500 lb Sisters' soon, lol. Happy for them!" a very shocked fan wrote.

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Tammy Slaton Underwent Bariatric Surgery

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos With Tracheostomy Tube

The older Slaton had to have life-saving surgery in late 2022 after reaching her goal weight. Soon after, Tammy was seen standing and moving around unassisted.

Bariatric surgery is an operation that involves making changes to the digestive system to help a patient lose weight quickly in extreme situations. It is frequently used when diet and exercise fail or when a patient is suffering from serious health issues as a result of his weight.

The Sun was informed at the time by a source close to Tammy that she did complete the process successfully, despite a minor hiccup.

"It was a little scary, but she recovered quickly. The first few days were really tough on her, but she was still able to talk and was with it," the insider added.

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Tammy gave her family a serious scare in January after being admitted to the hospital due to her difficulty breathing. She ended up receiving a tracheotomy which was depicted in season 4 of "1000-Lb Sisters." The surgical procedure ensured that the reality tv star could get emergency breathing support at any time.

Amy Slaton Splits From Her Husband

Amy's marriage reportedly hit the rocks as she split from her husband, Michael Halterman, and moved out of their home.

According to The Sun, Amy took their sons, Gage, 2, and Glenn, whom she welcomed just barely 7 Months ago with her estranged husband. An insider confirmed that Amy and her kids were staying at Tammy's.

"Amy says Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids. They've been having trouble since last year," the source confirmed.

Because she was spotted wearing a piece of jewelry on her ring finger, some fans have speculated that she may not be going through with a divorce.

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