Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Are Reportedly 'Pitching' A New Show To Rival Kelly & Mark On Daytime TV

Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Reportedly 'Pitching' New Daytime TV Show To Rival Kelly & Mark

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By Favour Adegoke on March 11, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST

Former "GMA3" anchors Amy Robach, and T.J. Holmes might be back on TV very soon.

Per a report, the pair have contacted several industry giants to pitch a new television show they will anchor. They hope their "on-air talent" and "off-air chemistry" will act as a point of attraction to help sell the show.

The duo was recently photographed on vacation in Mexico, weeks after being fired from their ABC roles. They were also spotted earlier in the week attending the funeral of Howard Bragman.

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Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Hopes To Leverage Their 'Off-Air Chemistry'

Amy Robach smiling with T.J. Holmes
Instagram / Amy Robach

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Robach and Holmes are making moves to get back on air after being out of employment since ABC terminated their contract in January.

The duo, who lost their roles at the network after their scandalous affair, made headlines, plan on working jointly for their next career move rather than seeking individual employment.

It is alleged that they "are aggressively pitching a new television show" that will put their "on-air talent" on display, just like when they both anchored "Good Morning America." They also plan on leveraging their "off-air chemistry" to help draw in more people and get high ratings.

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While it's still unclear what the actual concept of the show will be about, the publication was informed that Robach and Holmes had contacted several industry giants, including CBS, NBC, and CNN, hoping one of them would buy into the idea. The show reportedly could also become a tough competition for "Live With Kelly & Ryan."

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The Lovebirds Were Spotted At Howard Bragman's Memorial Service

Amy Robach
Instagram / Amy Robach

According to insiders, Robach and Holmes have been pitching their TV show in Los Angeles, where they were recently spotted on Sunday attending the memorial service of PR guru and former ABC consultant Bragman.

Page Six reported that Robach donned a sexy wrap dress while Holmes wore a navy suit, keeping in line with the "fabulous, business casual" dress code of the memorial service.

They reportedly "arrived maybe 10 to 15 minutes" before the ceremony. A source also told the publication that "they seemed extremely happy and greeted everyone with warm smiles."

The insider added that although the couple's appearance attracted attention, Holmes and Robach exuded a sensual aura that suggested they were really into each other.

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The source continued, "There was something electric. They seemed like a couple, who were obviously in love. They were definitely attentive and aware of each other."

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Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Went On A Baecation To Mexico

Amy Robach
Instagram / Amy Robach

Per Daily Mail, reports of the duo being "obviously in love" have been fueled by their frequent public displays of affection in and around New York City and on romantic trips abroad.

They actually just returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where they had a swell time lounging by the beach, sunning by the poolside, drinking beer, and strengthening their connection.

This comes after Holmes was spotted weeks earlier shopping for jewelry in two expensive stores to gift his boo ahead of her 50th birthday.

According to reports, the former TV anchor ended up spending big on an 18-karat gold Unity Cable ring that cost $650 and a gold chain for $350, which he linked together to form a single piece.

The beautiful present, which Robach has been seen wearing on her neck on multiple occasions, is reported to be Holmes' expression of commitment to her as they await the finalization of their divorce from their previous partners.

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They Received A Huge Payout From ABC

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Going Full Steam Ahead With Romance

During the time it would take for the pair to sort out their next career moves, their huge payout from ABC will help keep them afloat.

An insider shared that the network compensated the duo to prevent "massive and perhaps grisly rumblings of dissatisfaction."

"[It] sets them up and their agents to begin to have discussions and to consider a range of options," the source told The Sun.

The source also hinted about the "options," saying the duo might choose to go for "more entrepreneurial pursuits that might be self-funded and using platforms that are not mainstream but can gather significant following and monetization."

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