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'Bachelorette' Alumna Susie Evans Dishes On Her Fave Dishes, Gets Real On Intuitive Eating

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 9, 2023 at 2:15 PM EST

Alumni from the 'Bachelor' franchise have increasingly been creating their respective post-show platforms to reflect realness.

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Two leading figures from season 26 of "The Bachelor" have dedicated themselves to showcasing exactly who they are away from the glitz, glamour, roses, and drama. Susie Evans, the now ex-partner of the season's leading man, Clayton Echard, has been showing the world exactly who she is by way of her blog, "Susie Was Like" way before her Bachelor Nation days! When she isn't spending time working as a wedding videographer, Evans continues to give the internet a bit of a glimpse into her life through her blog posts!

Evans, who split from Echard last fall, gave her fans some insight into her relationship with eating and her past eating habits in a new blog post.

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Evans has vulnerably addressed how her eating habits have impacted her in the past, and she is sharing those foods and recipes that have helped her embark on a new era of peacefully enjoying nourishment.

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Evans Opens Up About Her Struggle With Body Image

Earlier this year, Evans discussed the practice of intuitive eating on her blog, as she sat down with wellness coach and Raw Beauty co. founder Erin Treloar for an interview.

The former Miss. Virginia pageant queen prefaced her interview with Treloar with some insight into her personal relationship with eating and food.

Evans, 29, detailed her struggles, writing, "For years, I struggled with fad diets, overeating, under eating, but more than anything the emotional turmoil and shame that came along with that very unhealthy cycle..."

She also revealed a bit of insight into how she was able to overcome the toxic and cyclical nature of her relationship with eating.

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"I feel fortunate I was able to work through many of these problematic perspectives over years of help, education, open conversation and never giving up on myself," Evans continued. "The greatest lesson I have ever learned through my own self-love journey and gaining a better relationship with food is that it has nothing to do with control or perfection but everything to do with shifting my mindset. Of course, from time to time, I still struggle to love and accept my body as it is but the goal isn't perfection, instead growing to love and accept myself more and more every day."

The Former 'Bachelorette' Babe Attributes Her Eating Preferences Are Framed Around Convenience

With the newfound room to discover what types of foods and meals work best for her, Evans is taking a look at and sharing recipes that work for her!

Along with revealing a number of foods and favorite recipes that she feels "fuel" her, Evans provided the go-to secret to behind how she prefers to live her life; she prioritizes and gravitates toward those elements in life that make her feel joyful.

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She writes, "I like to believe at my core, I am quite simple and a lot of my lifestyle comes down to convenience and joy. That being said, the hunger for that joy has led me to a wild array of experiences that shape my lifestyle today. It has also lead me to being a very busy woman, I think I could be the poster child for 'girl on the go!' so when it comes to fueling my lifestyle, preparation is key! At the beginning of my week, I try to set myself up for success. Prepping my kitchen and refrigerator with things that make my life easier because as I mentioned earlier, I'm a woman of convenience."

Evans also reveals she's a big fan of chicken salad and loves to plan ahead for a breakfast of overnight oats! Like many foodies, she also has a lot of love for the Trader Joe's grocery store chain and also shares many items from the store she enjoys.

Her ex, Clayton Echard, recently released his memoir, "180 Degrees," wherein he details his childhood struggles with body image and candidly discusses his experience with body dysmorphia. Evans has supported him in promoting the book on her social media accounts!

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