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Melanie Martin Says She & Prince Carter Are Getting Death Threats!

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By MLC on March 8, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST

Melanie Martin and her son are getting threatened online.

The former fiancée of Aaron Carter shared a very lengthy message to Instagram about the hell on earth she’s experienced since his November 2022 death.

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Melanie Martin Gets Candid About Her Life Since Aaron's Death

Melanie Martin Goes Off On Man Who Allegedly Took Advantage Of Late Aaron Carter
Instagram | Melanie Martin

On Monday, March 6, the social media influencer wrote, “As I continue to grieve and reflect, I can tell you one thing. This s**t is difficult as hell! Every day, I feel so many emotions nonstop. Extreme loss, disbelief, confusion, anxiety and fear are but a few… Yes, I said fear… the amount of bullying and hate these last couple months been insane. Every day, Prince and I get hate mail and nasty comments, prank calls nonstop, and even death threats. Yes, there have been literal death threats against not just me, but Aaron’s and my infant son!!! A freaking Toddler, for god’s sake!!!!!”

She scolded anyone who believes this kind of behavior is acceptable.

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Martin Says She & Her Son Have Gotten Death Threats

Instagram / Melanie Martin

“Apparently there are lots of people out there that think this is funny or acceptable behavior. FYI, IT’S NOT!!!!! And as any responsible mother would, I am currently taking the death threats very seriously, reporting them to the FBI… the same sickening behavior that led to the love of life’s decline is now being directed at my family and I. I felt so helpless witnessing the bullying Aaron and I would receive. I would beg him to get off social media platforms where the cyber bullying was in abundance, but her felt he owed it to his fans to stay online. Aaron’s fans were everything to him, he loved them so much. They were his world, and I not only understood that but respected it,” her message continued. “I understood that someone as special as Aaron was a gift that belonged to the world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fully grasp the severity of the bullying going on, because Aaron would try to shelter me from it as much as he could (the bits and pieces during his lifetime that I did see scared me s**tless). It became so bad that Aaron spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators and didn’t tell me for the longest time.”

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Melanie Wishes She Could Disappear, But Can't!

Martin dove into how Aaron’s bullies have shifted their attention to her.

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“I am unfortunately now having to experience all of this bullying firsthand. It’s as if literally everything Aaron dealt with daily was just shifted to me, like a. new mental punching bag for bullies to take aim at. And much like Aaron, I can just simply disappear,” Martin explained. “There’s a part of me that would love to. But I can’t. First of all, I need to protect Aaron’s legacy and need to provide for Prince. While Aaron’s estate will go to Prince, people don’t seem to realize the complicated situation that comes with an estate. While it’s still in probate, no money is available to provide for the many expenses that come with a child…a few examples of expenses would be diapers, food, healthcare, learning tools, etc. … and conveniently, prices for everything have skyrocketed…”

She revealed that she’s doing everything in her power to have any money from Aaron’s estate not touched for the sake of her son.

“There is just way too much at stake for Prince for me to just disappear… I must be strong for Prince… but that doesn’t mean I will stay silent about the relentless cyberbullying crisis our society faces,” she wrote.

Martin concluded her message by encouraging her followers to spread LOVE!

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