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Ramona Agruma Reveals THIS As Her & Rebel Wilson's Favorite Disneyland Ride

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 8, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Rebel Wilson's fiancée Ramona Agruma is a Disney princess through and through and could not help but show fans just how much she loves Disneyland.

As fans are aware, the fairytale couple got engaged at the theme park, where they reportedly intend to also get married in an elaborate fashion. Recently, Agruma shared her favorite ride in the park with fans without failing to mention Wilson's love for the same ride.  

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Ramona Agruma And Rebel Wilson Are Fans Of The 'Indiana Jones' Ride In Disneyland

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Instagram | Rebel Wilson

Agruma indulged her followers on Instagram in a Q&A session where she was asked several interesting questions about Disneyland and her thriving romance with Wilson. One fan wanted to know her and her partner's best ride in the theme park as they asked, "What's your favorite ride to ride with Rebel at Disneyland?"

The Australian star responded with a picture of the "Indiana Jones" adventurous ride, and in the snap, a slab was held by two thick ropes hanging from a tree. The slab had words that indicated the ride's theme alongside a carved eye and "Temple of the Forbidden Eye."

As seen on the Disneyland website, the Indiana Jones ride is a fast-paced thrill ride in search of Indiana Jones that urges fans to "enter this cursed temple at your own risk!"

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A second fan whose favorite Disney movie was "Aladdin" wondered what Agruma's most liked Disney production was. The celeb chose "Cinderella" using a picture of the fairytale cartoon and writing, "I love all Disney movies, but Cinderella is probably my favorite."

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//Ramona Agruma Disney ride
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Diverting from the Disney-themed question, Agruma shared a follower's question about how she and Wilson became acquainted. In the fan's words, "How did you and Rebel meet? You make such a great couple." The "Killer Camera Monsters" actress then uploaded an adorable photo of herself and Wilson with their friend Hugh Sheridan who set them up. 

She wrote on the post, "Our matchmaker," before tagging Sheridan. In the same light, a fourth fan enquired if the couple would attend the 2023 Oscars. This prompted Agruma to reply with "Maybe" alongside a blushing emoji while she dropped a picture of herself and Wilson looking spectacular at a Vanity Fair event.

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Fans' questions about the duo's relationship may be warranted given that plans for their upcoming wedding, scheduled to hold in none other than Disneyland, are making headlines.

//Ramona Agruma Disney princess
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Per The Blast, the lovebirds are going for something lavish as a source revealed that they are working towards using the theme park to host a "massive, elaborate wedding that will bear no expenses."

The informant said, "Rebel is a die-hard Disney lover, and they are really considering having their dream wedding there. It is definitely their happy place, and Rebel still feels like she is living a real-life fairytale."

Fans got wind of the couple's engagement when the "Isn't It Romantic" actress blessed social media with two images from the intimate affair. One of the photos showed her holding her woman's hand, drawing attention to the diamond engagement ring she proposed with.

The second slide showed the sweethearts kneeling among beautiful flowers with Cinderella's castle flashing in the background. In the caption, Wilson proclaimed, "We said Yes," in acknowledgment of their forever love.

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//Ramona Agruma Rebel Wilson

Not only do Wilson and Agruma want to tie the knot, but they also want to expand their family even with their only child Royce Lillian being less than a year old. According to a source, the pair want their kids to be closer in age and believe that more kids will "strengthen the already unbreakable love they have for each other." 

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The 'Bachelorette' Star Is Banned From Disneyland For Taking An 'Illegal Photo'

Wilson may be a die-hard Disney fan, but unfortunately, she cannot access Disneyland for a month after the swooning proposal to her girlfriend.

As previously covered, the 43-year-old took an "illegal photo" in a secret bathroom at the park, which she mentioned on "The Daily Show," adding the length of her sentence.

//Rebel Wilson Ramona Agruma
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Luckily, the establishment's heads aligned the punishment with her busy days so she would not miss out, given her love for the park. As she shared on the show, the bosses called her and said, "Rebel, what 30 days did you want to come to Disneyland because you're away filming a movie or something?" In response, she told them June would be fine.

This comes after the "Pizza" actress asked for permission to propose in Disneyland, which she was granted by CEO Bob Iger, whom she gave a shout-out in her social media engagement post.

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