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Doting Mom Amanda Kloots Treats Son Elvis To First Broadway Show

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 7, 2023 at 10:15 PM EST

Amanda Kloots is giving her son Elvis some sweet first-time memories and fans are loving it!

Regardless of how long the Broadway star has been in the game of motherhood, she always finds ways to create a special memory for her cuddly little one. Moments from such bonding experiences and fun hangouts are often shared with her thousands of Instagram followers. It was no different when she took her son Elvis to his first Broadway show. The reveal to her online fans included short clips before and after the show, displaying their excitement and satisfaction over the content they watched. 

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Amanda Kloots Had a Fun Experience With Elvis At His First Broadway Show

Amanda Kloots' Son Shows Off His 'Rockstar' Skills In New Video
Instagram | Amanda Kloots

The mother-son duo spent their weekend visiting a theater to view "The Lion King" stage performance. The dancer shared updates on her Insta story. The first clip showed the moment before they went into the theater. Kloots, beaming from ear to ear, asked her son if he was "excited to see the show," He responded positively with a nod and a smile. 

In the following clip, the two are seated in a car, but only Elvis is in view. The loving mom asked, "You like it," and the three-year-old answered loudly, "Yeah." Also, she quizzed him about his favorite part of the show, and he responded, "The Animals."

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A reel post shared to her Instagram showed the beautiful mom carrying her son by the show's entrance, with The Lion King emblem and motto above them. Kloots donned a matching brown blazer and pants with black boots, while Elvis wore a grey knitted sweater with brown and white designs around its neck region. His gorgeous sweater was paired with blue pants and black shoes.

In the background, fans could see several parents and youngsters entering and leaving the building. The upload was set to the tune of "Circle of Life," the famous soundtrack from the Disney movie, and captioned, "Took Elvis to his 1st Broadway show today!! He loved it!"

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Within hours, the post accrued over six thousand likes and numerous comments from enthusiastic admirers. One fan praised the doting mom, writing, "love how you are raising him. ❤️ you are such an incredible mom ❤️." Another fan wrote, "Best entrance/beginning of a broadway show."

A third commentator noted, "Lion king is the best Elvis will love the live show, and the songs live!! ??.” "Awwww. I bet he did! It's so fun to watch our babies when they are in awe of a first time experience. I bet he requests to go again ☺️❤️," a fourth fan penned.

As the fitness instructor continues to enjoy quality time with her child, it brings to mind the last fun outing she had with Elvis about two weeks ago. The Blast noted that the pair were spotted at her favorite place.

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The New York Times bestselling author shared pictures from the unique hangout on her page. In one photo, they sat on a balcony that faced the ocean. Elvis was wearing a casual blue shirt and shorts while holding a camera.

The tiny tot sat on the lounge chair with a white tray with drink and food. His proud mother looked over him in a colorful sundress, hanging her hands on the rails. The caption read, "With my favorite guy in my favorite place today ❤️." The following slide showed the blond beauty closely holding her son in her hands while she stared at him lovingly.

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The Doting Mother Reveals Son's Early Singing Talent

Last month, The Blast shared how the doting mother posted a sweet clip of her baby boy showing off his mini rockstar skills on the piano. The toddler sat on a wooden bench and played the white instrument repeatedly, following the action with a loud song. 

The charming post was captioned, "Mornings with a rockstar?." As reported, Kloots' followers flooded the update with comparisons between the tiny tot and his late father, Nick Cordero.

One fan wrote, "Wow!! He is an inspired little one. ❤️. Good job mama! Nick is definitely with you both." Another person penned, "Aaaawwww how awesome!!!! He's sure got lots of Nick in him… What a joy to have every day ❤️❤️❤️❤️." Her sister, Anna Kloots was also in the comments as she wrote, "Miss him so much."

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