Azealia Banks Says Megan Thee Stallion And AOC Need To Get Over Their Traumas

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By TheBlast Staff on February 3, 2021 at 4:06 AM EST

Azealia Banks- Instagram

Azealia Banks has never been one to shy away from voicing controversial opinions about other celebrities. These have often landed her in hot water on social media and now, she is putting herself in this exact same situation again. 

This time, it comes with her not caring about recent traumas that Megan Thee Stallion and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have gone through in their lives. The Harlem star even included FKA Twigs in this conversation as well in ignoring the things she's had to overcome as well.

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Banks Trashes Megan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, And FKA Twigs

Megan Thee Stallion- Instagram

Banks recently took to her Instagram Stories to give her takes on these three ladies and this is due to how people supposedly told her to "suck it up" when it comes to her traumas and so, she believes people should keep the same energy with these women as well.

"AOC almost get assassinated and compounds the story with some random hot button account of sexual assault: support and believe women," started Azealia before getting to Megan. 

"Meg Thee Stallion *allegedly* gets shot by Tory Lanez on a messy drunk night out then uses the protect black women trauma narrative to capitalize on and basically use Breonna Taylor's horrifying death as a prop to virtue signal: Protect black women at all costs (despite not seeing any X-rays of bullets in her foot)"

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Banks Doesn't Believe FKA Twigs' Claims About Ex-BF, Shia LaBeouf, Abusing Her

FKA Twigs- Instagram

Last month, FKA Twigs also sued her ex-boyfriend and star actor, Shia LaBeuof. This was after she cited years of abuse and revealed that he allegedly hid STD symptoms with makeup. 

In Banks' IG stories, she labeled Twigs' claims as a "fake ass story" and how she consented to sex with LaBeuof. Banks added that Twigs knew that the actor was racist and has hateful outbursts while she stayed with him for two years. Banks also believes that Twigs is wrong for suing him years later. 

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Banks Also Body-Shamed Megan And Doja Cat

Azealia Banks- Instagram

AOC and Twigs were not the only ones who were criticized by Banks on Instagram. Last month, Banks bashed Megan then as well as she body-shamed her while watching Megan Thee Stallion's "Girls In The Hood" music video. 

She constantly said that Megan was getting fat and did the same while watching Doja Cat's "Juicy" video featuring Tyga as well. As expected, she was dragged by social media for her latest antics online. This has become usual for her on social media to many. 

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Banks Faced Backlash For Digging Up Her Dead Cat Last Month

Azealia Banks- Instagram

Last month, Banks also went viral for shockingly digging up her dead cat, Lucifer, who passed away in 2020. She had the animal for over a decade and then, decided to get his body out from under her yard. 

Banks then placed the cat into a pot where many assumed that she was cooking him. She denied this was the case as she explained that she actually wanted to preserve his skull. This is what did end up happening as many are still disturbed out by the whole situation.

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