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Britney Spears Loses Almost $2M Selling The House She Just Bought

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By Kristin Myers on March 1, 2023 at 2:15 PM EST

Singer Britney Spears has sold off the house she just bought, but it looks like she lost a large chunk of change doing so.

The Calabasas mansion, which was in the same neighborhood as ex-husband Kevin Federline, was purchased by the 41-year-old pop star last summer for $11.8 million shortly after her June wedding to Iranian actor Sam Asghari.

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Britney Spears Loses Almost $2M Selling Off Her Calabasas Mansion

Britney Spears at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Premiere

It looks like the "Hold Me Closer" singer has found a buyer for her Calabasas mansion, although it wasn't the $12 million that she was asking. Britney bought the house last June for $11.8 million, listed it for $12 million shortly after purchase, and has accepted an offer of $10.1 million for it, as reported by TMZ.

There is not much known about the new buyer, except that he is reported to be a personal injury lawyer based out of Texas. Although many Britney fans were excited about the opportunity to purchase the home the pop star formerly lived in, the "Toxic" singer admitted on Instagram that she never really moved out of her home in Thousand Oaks and it doesn't look like she spent much, if any, time there.

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Even though Britney never really lived in the mansion, it sits on a 1.6-acre lot of land and has all of the luxury amenities that one would expect for a luxurious mansion, including a private pool with a waterslide. It also has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and plenty of rooms for Britney's dancing videos!

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Sam And Britney's Dogs Reportedly Escape, Bite Elderly Man

(FILE) Britney Spears Is Engaged to Sam Asghari After Nearly 5 Years Together

Last week, TMZ reported that the dog Sam purchased for Britney in 2021, a Doberman named Porscha, had escaped and bit an elderly man.

Sam introduced the world, and Britney, to Porsha in an October 2021 Instagram video, saying, "Her name is Porsha and she's meant to unconditionally love you and is going to be trained to protect you from any motherf***** that comes around you with bad intentions."

Someone who did not seem to have bad intentions was an elderly man in his 70s who was riding his bike around the neighborhood at the time Porsha got loose from the couple’s yard. He was bitten in the leg before Britney’s security team could secure the dog.

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Britney Spears and Sawyer
Instagram | Britney Spears
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It’s been reported that the elderly man had to go to urgent care for the bite, but it’s unclear how serious the man’s injuries were. One source for Britney told the outlet that Porscha gave the man a “nip” and didn’t want to call it a bite.

Regardless, Britney and Sam were reportedly contacted by animal control after the incident to make sure that their dogs stay on the property and don’t venture out again. That led Sam to post a video on his Instagram page to share some dog safety training tips with his followers.

Sam Asghari Shares Dog Safety Training Tips With Dog Days Search & Rescue

Shortly after the incident went public, the former personal trainer took to Instagram to thank Dog Days Search and Rescue for finding Porsha and bringing her home. However, it looks like their blue-eyed Australian Shepherd named Sawyer also escaped, as Sam thanked them for finding "our babies" in the caption of the almost two-minute-long Instagram video, which can be seen in full above.

In the caption, Sam wrote, "A huge thank you to @dogdayssar for finding our babies that ran like Forrest Gump down the road yesterday. They’re are truly the best. I’ve been looking for a local rescue team to team up with for such a long time. They are a [non-profit] organization that truly helps. Attached in my bio is a link for donation to this amazing team."

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In his Instagram Stories, Sam shared a look at both dogs as he spoke to someone from the organization to get some advice.

In the video, Sam asked what sort of training they should receive to prevent them from running off and asked if there was any sort of GPS tracking system that they could use to track their dogs if they do escape again.

The rep from Dog Days said that there are GPS collar systems that can be used to track the dogs. In addition to getting GPS tracking collars, Sam also said that they would continue daily training with their dogs to make sure they didn’t get out again.

Over the video, Sam wrote, "Thank you @dogdayssar for not only rescuing, but also providing information on how we can prevent things from happening."

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