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Andrew Tate Says He Has '500 Pieces' Of Evidence Proving His Innocence

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By MLC on March 2, 2023 at 1:00 AM EST

Andrew Tate is still behind bars in Romania.

The former social media influencer was arrested on December 29th along with his brother, Tristan Tate, and two female accomplices on allegations of rape, human trafficking and setting up an organized crime group.

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Andrew Tate Claims He Has Evidence He's Innocent


The Tate brothers’ female accomplices are Luana Radu (32), a former police officer in Bucharest, and Georgiana Naghel (28), a model believed to have been dating Tate for almost a year.

The two models are being held in house arrest after today's decision.

The Tate brothers have tried to appeal their prison sentence twice, but to no avail.

A Romanian judge recently added an additional 30 days to their time in prison. According to reports, the Tate brothers have been deemed “too dangerous” to be free.

However, according to Andrew, he’s innocent…. 500 pieces of evidence innocent.

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Tate Says He's "Fully Cooperated In Every Way"

Andrew Tate

He or someone acting as his voice outside of prison took to Twitter on February 28th and wrote, “I’ve cooperated fully in every way. Done everything they asked of me. I have 500 pieces of video, photo and other evidence proving my innocence. But I am still in jail. What does Romania want from me?”

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Over the last few months, Andrew has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. Following their February 21st court appearance, their legal team released a statement.

“If the solution is unfavorable, we will certainly challenge it,” Eugen Vidineac said. “If until now we analyzed and reanalyzed the evidence administered in the case until this moment, today we insisted on the fact that the grounds that were had when taking the measure of preventative arrest disappeared, ceased. Through the efficiency of the defense, we say that we have effectively paralyzed the evidence administered until now in the case, so that the grounds have ceased, and the new grounds are not likely to lead to an extension of the measure of preventative detention.”

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It's apparent the statement was made prior the court’s decision to keep the Tate brothers in detention for another 30 days.

Despite the 30-day detention extension, Andrew praised his legal team.

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Tate Is Standing By His Legal Team

“My Legal team has done a fantastic job today. As of today, The Judges have been given a very close understanding of the Truth behind the allegations against me. True colors were brought to light. Inshallah, I will be freed,” he tweeted.

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Earlier this month, Andrew expressed his fear of dying in prison.

On February 14th, the social media personality revealed his “two possible futures.”

“There are two possible futures of the universe. One, they kill me. Two, I emerge as one of the most respected and influential men on the planet galvanized by false persecution. I ask my enemies to make a choice I will stay awake tonight prepared for mortal combat. Send your best,” his tweet read.

Portrait of Andrew Tate
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Many Twitter users didn’t sympathize with Tate and offered up a third “future” for Tate.

“Weird way to tell everyone your sh***ing and pissing yourself bro,” one person reacted.

“Or 3… the human trafficking charges sticks and he sh**s himself while crying hysterically,” another person offered.

“Or three… you sit in prison until you’ve served your time. I’m going with three,” yet another person shared.

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