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Courteney Cox Talks Filming 'Scream 6' Without Neve Campbell: 'Missed Working With Her'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on February 28, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST

The "Scream" franchise will not be the same without Neve Campbell! At least, that is what Courteney Cox believes.

Fans of the horror genre know these two talented actresses have co-starred in the slasher series as the longest original cast. However, Campbell did not reprise her role as the protagonist Sidney Prescott in the latest installment.

"Scream VI" marked the first sequel without the iconic leading lady, Campbell, since its inception in 1996. After playing the same character for over a decade, the Canadian heartthrob's absence in the new movie was sorely felt by her friends. Here is what Cox had to say!

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Courteney Cox Supports Neve Campbell's Decision To Not Return For 'Scream VI'

Courteney Cox seen making an appearance to the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Although Cox is famously known for starring as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom "Friends," the blue-eyed beauty similarly stole our hearts with her performance as Gale Weathers in the "Scream" franchise.

After nearly three decades of owning this character, the 58-year-old is the last original cast member returning in the series' upcoming sixth installment. The horror flick is set to be released next month, however, without Campbell.

Talking to Variety about her return to the slasher movie, the Alabama native confessed that the set was not the same without her former co-star, Campbell. Last year, the 42-year-old actress announced she would not reprise her famous role because of salary disputes.

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"I missed working with her, but I'm going to support whatever she feels is right," Cox said of her friend's absence before gushing about her part in the movie. "I have a really good scene with Ghostface, and it was amazing."

The Gold Derby Award winner continued "I've obviously been stabbed many times and all that, but this time, to work with Ghostface and not know who's under the mask, it was really fun," noting that she typically knew who the killer was by the time she got stabbed.

Not one to give spoilers, Cox avoided dropping any bombshells about her character or the movie's plot. However, the TV personality did share a few details to keep fans excited about the upcoming film.

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According to the entertainer, her character still resides in New York, but her peaceful life got disrupted once the killer appeared. Ghostface's return coincidences with Sam (played by Melissa Barrera) and Tara's (played by Jenna Ortega) move to the big city.

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Neve Campbell
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Like the previous sequels, Gale Weathers continues writing stories about the group's deadly adventures with the killer. "She wrote a book afterward," Cox revealed about her character. "She told Sam that she wouldn't, and then, of course, she did because, I mean, someone was going to do it. So, she had to."

Additionally, the Alabama beauty confirmed that several characters would return in the sixth installment, including Hayden Panettiere's fictional role as Kirby, a face that appeared in "Scream IV."

"It's so interesting how people came back. I have to remember. I thought she died! I get so confused," the Lucy Award winner explained. "There's been so many. I'm just so excited to be a part of something this long."

It seems the cast would be making history without Campbell, as Cox confessed "Scream VI" was a slasher masterpiece. After watching a cut of the movie without an audience, the 58-year-old's reaction was "Wow."

"I was excited, I was scared," the entertainer gushed. "Even if I know every single person and what's gonna happen and why and when, I won't look. It’s so realistic. And I laughed! I cared."

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Jenna Ortega Opened Up About Neve Campbell's Absence In 'Scream VI'

Neve Campbell
Instagram / screammovies

Cox hasn't been the only "Scream" star to address Campbell's exit and what it means for the franchise. Last year, Jenna Ortega seemingly assured fans they would be too invested in the sixth installment to care about the Canadian actress's absence

"I feel like I can’t really speak too much on that just because it’s not necessarily my character," the Netflix star said. "But I will say there's so much going on in this next one, that it's so action-heavy and so gore-heavy that I think you're gonna be distracted almost."

Does that mean showrunners wiped away all traces of Sidney Prescott? No, Ortega confirmed there were references to Campbell's character in the movie. "You know, it's nice because there's still a protectiveness in the script," the 20-year-old revealed.

"That's something that the actors had naturally over her because obviously we respect her, and we want the best for her," the Disney alum added, noting the actress was missed and in the thoughts of her former cast members.

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