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By TheBlast Staff on January 22, 2021 at 3:59 PM EST

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“WandaVision” is one of Disney’s latest creations within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Longtime fans of the “Avengers” movie series and franchise will immediately recognize the two lead characters of the brand new show. Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role as Wanda (also known as the “Scarlet Witch”) and Paul Bettany demonstrates his amazing method acting yet again by becoming “Vision”.

The show’s premise is masked in mystery, a shroud of bewildering circumstances and setting make this a surprisingly engrossing series that virtually every DisneyPlus watcher desires to binge.

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Instagram @Disney

The show launched with an unexpected level of production value too. The first episode was actually filmed with a live audience present! The black and white filter provided a classic feel to the world around the two protagonists reminiscent of “I Love Lucy” and other famous sitcom TV drama’s.

Without missing a beat, the show disrupts your perception of reality and causes the viewer to ask far more questions than are ever answered… but that’s what has so many fans buzzing about the show on social media!

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Fans Love the Show!

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Here are just a few of the comments left by fans on Disney’s Instagram after they released the third episode earlier today on their streaming platform!

“"In color" ?? lol” (Commentator) “Watched last night?” (Commentator) “yesss stan wandavision” (Commentator) “Omg yes been waiting ahah can’t wait???” (Commentator) “In love with this!?” (Commentator) “Yes! So excited for a new episode. ?” (Commentator) “ITS MY GOAL TO GET SCHOOL WORK DONE BEFORE I CAN WATCH IT BUT ITS SO HARD TO FOCUSSSS” (Commentator) 

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In a brand new interview hosted by Interview Magazine, both Paul an Elizabeth shared their experiences working on this puzzling TV series and even dished some personal details about themselves! Unlike some other interviews however, the majority of the talking was between the two stars, who started by sharing their experiences during the recent US inauguration.

Paul was quoted for asking about how Elizabeth viewed the brand new series and on what she believes the show means culturally. He made a point of noting how he thought the show was more “estrogen” driven than other shows. 

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Much To Say

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Olsen fully agreed that the show was “female driven” but acknowledged the masculine elements that complete the show’s feel and thematic elements:

“I think anything that is a female-driven story that is true and authentic to anything else’s experience is a step forward. I also think there is something really interesting that, thematically, is in our show about parenting, and the desire to control and create a bubble that I think was burst out of [director] Jac Schaeffer, and is this larger metaphor and experience of what it means to be a parent. Like, how much you would want to actually expose your child to, and when, and what age, and how quickly they grow up. I think there is something very maternal about it, as well, which is what I love. Even her birthing this creation from Greece.” 

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