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Kelly Clarkson Won't Stand For Online Troll-Fueled Tomfoolery!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on February 23, 2023 at 6:30 PM EST

Kelly Clarkson famously sang "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" in the chorus of one of the biggest pop hits of the 2010s; However, the "Behind These Hazel Eyes" singer is doing everything she can to take power away from online trolls!

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The near-instantaneous ability to communicate with anyone in the world on social media, including celebrities, may be mind-blowingly cool, but it can also act as an opportunity for users to spread negativity with little consequence.

The 40-year-old talk show queen has unfortunately dealt with her share of online negativity.

Clarkson has faced social media snark for countless elements of her life, from her personal life to her appearance. However, the "Kellyoke" mistress' latest act of troll defense isn't for herself; she's stepping up to defend actress and current TikTok sensation, Valerie Bertinelli!

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Bertinelli Puts Her Vulnerability First, Despite The Inevitable Frenzy Of Online Negativity

Valerie Bertinelli 4

The "One Day At A Time" alumna has curated her social media platform in recent years to revolve around transparency and reflect on her healing journey. Bertinelli, who has shared much of her life with her followers whether it be on TikTok or through her writing, also isn't afraid to speak her mind.

The "Enough Already" author has candidly discussed her relationship with food and her weight for decades; her latest book examines her decision to take her power back from her insecurities and put confidence into the driver's seat.

Unfortunately, Bertinelli's honesty and transparency has often been taken advantage of by online 'keyboard warriors' and trolls who see fit to weigh in and take advantage of the actress' vulnerability.

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The Blast has reported on many aspects of online hate Bertinelli has received over the years, including her emotionally candid conversations about healing from her divorce and the 'narcissism' of her ex-husband. Many trolls have expressed their annoyance at Betinelli's ongoing discussion of the hindering aspects of her life, to which she quickly (and frequently) shuts down.

"There's a few of you who don't understand and think, 'omg get over it,'' the 62-year-old recently explained in an Instagram story. "I'm over it. I'm over the narcissist; I'm long over the narcissist."

Bertinelli's passionate and sometimes tearful discussions about her negative self-image don't stop haters from giving her a piece of their minds.

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In an Instagram post from July of 2021, Bertinelli transparently recorded herself during a dark moment fueled by negative self-talk.

"Someone decided to point out I needed to lose weight," Bertinelli tearfully told the camera. "You're not being helpful."

The subject of her weight has also made its way into Clarkson's social media content over the years and in some cases, trolls have completely highjacked her content; a celebratory Fourth Of July tweet from 2017 briefly became about Clarkson's weight.

In an extremely unhelpful move, a troll tweeted, "you're fat," in response to her tweet thanking those who serve the United States.

Clarkson then amended the troll's statement by adding, "...and still [redacted] awesome!" to their statement in her response. (per USA Today)

Clarkson Has Some Strong Truths For Those Who Speak Ill Of Others!

Clarkson once defended Bertinelli from Twitter critics, who came for Bertinelli's weight.

In a powerful exchange, Clarkson quote-tweeted one of Bertinelli's tweets; The "Losing It" author had posted a screenshot of a troll's comment on a thread from Food Network Kitchen. The troll had called Bertinelli "so chubby."

Bertinelli had no time for the hater. She would post a screenshot and give their negativity a piece of her mind.

"Wow," Betinelli began her tweet, "Someone is always there to remind me to tidy up my negative thoughts some more. Thank you for reminding me I'm so much more than my body."

Clarkson spotted the tweet and brought some realness into the thought process of online haters.

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"True power is recognizing the projection of others negativity & punching it square n the face," Clarkson wrote. "w/all the positive, remarkable, intelligent, beautiful light that seeps from ur pores. Pity people that speak ill of others because while some of us are dancing, the others r too afraid," she concluded. [via Cosmopolitian]

Clarkson's advice to Bertinelli was greatly admired by their Twitter audience. Their exchange received over one thousand likes!

The negativity of others has recently inspired Clarkson to take a giant stand. Last month, she was granted restraining orders against two alleged stalkers.

According to The Blast's report on the matter, both restraining orders are permanent. They were filed in December 2022.

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