Rihanna TROLLS Donald Trump Offering Joe Biden Help Taking Out The White House 'Trash!'

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By Mike Walters on January 20, 2021 at 11:21 AM EST


Rihanna is trolling President Donald Trump on his last day in office, offering to help Joe Biden take out the trash after moving into the White House!

The 'Umbrella' singer took to Instagram to blast the former President, sharing a photo of herself carrying bags of trash outside in her underwear, while celebrating Joe Biden's inauguration.

As you know, Rihanna has never shied away from letting her feeling be known about Trump, but calling him trash is taking it to a whole new level!

You Gotta See This!

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"I’m just here to help. #wediditJoe," Rihanna captioned the IG photo.

In the snap, RiRi is walking through a garden at night holding two giant black and full trashbags without any pants. In the sexy photo, the singer is also sporting an 'End Racism' shirt accessorized with leather gloves and pink high-heels. Rihanna is also sporting a pair of dark shades that bring the whole outfit together.

The singer's fans love it and are flooding the comment sections with messages like, "Hahaha that’s what I’m talking about. ?????? I’ll help too."

"Yes! Taking out the trash ....LMAO he got evicted," another wrote.

That's Not All...

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"Trump really fit in that? you didn’t need a bigger bag?" a fan joked.

One simply put it, "This is now my phone background!"

This isn't the first time Rihanna trolled Donald Trump on social media, the singer tweeted a photo of herself in Texas earlier this year, where she spraypainted 'F--K Trump' on an art installation.

RiRi visited the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo where she sprayed the words on one of the ten Cadillacs buried nose-down in of the fields. (See Above)

The photos were captioned "art" with a hashtag of "81 days" -- which at the time was the days leading up to the Presidental election.

There's More...

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As you can imagine, a host of celebrities have posted messages of hope on social media, welcoming President Joe Biden as the new Commander-In-Chief.

Plus, a group of celebrities took part in the inaugural ceremony including Jennifer Lopez,Lady Gaga, and Garth Brooks. During the broadcast, Gaga performed the National Anthem, and Brooks -- who is a republican -- crossed party lines to join in the event.

"This is a great day in our household,” Brooks announced, Adding, "In our household, this is not a political statement; this is a statement of unity.”

Unclear If Biden Accepted Rihanna's Offer...

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