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Megan Fox Breaks Silence On Machine Gun Kelly Cheating Allegations

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By Kristin Myers on February 19, 2023 at 2:15 PM EST

Actress Megan Fox is finally breaking her silence exactly one week after she shut down her Instagram account.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the 36-year-old actress shared a post about "dishonesty" and deleted many of her photos and videos containing Machine Gun Kelly, including their January 2022 engagement post.

Fox deactivated her account on Sunday afternoon, leaving fans clamoring for answers. Several inside sources have spoken to various outlets and provided contradicting reports on whether the couple is still together.

The "Jennifer's Body" actress did not confirm or deny whether she and MGK were still together, but she did slam recent reports that suspicious DMs were the cause of their feud.

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Megan Fox Denies 'Third Party Interference' In Her Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox breaks silence on Machine Gun Kelly cheating allegations
Instagram | Megan Fox

On Sunday, February 19, Megan Fox reinstated her Instagram account. She now only has one post and does not seem to be following anyone.

"There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind," Fox began in her short statement.  "That includes, but is not limited to..actual humans, DMs, Al bots or succubus demons."

"While I do hate to rob you of running random baseless news stories that would have been much more accurately written by ChatGPT, you need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now," she added.

The "Transformers" actress seems to be referring to Machine Gun Kelly's guitarist Sophie Lloyd, who made her own separate statement on Wednesday morning through her management team.

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Sophie Lloyd Slams 'Meritless' Rumors That She Caused The Couple's Rift

Sophie Lloyd performing with Machine Gun Kelly
Instagram | Sophie Lloyd

“Sophie Lloyd is a professional, accomplished musician who has been needlessly dragged into the media based off of meritless accusations made by social media,” her management team told Page Six.

“Any suggestion that she has ever acted in an unprofessional manner or stepped out of her relationship are untrue,” the statement added. “It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly spark break-up rumors
Instagram | Comments By Celebs
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Sophie's name first came into the conversation when Fox herself replied to a comment on her initial post.

Last Sunday, one of her followers commented, "Maybe he got with Sophie." At the time, Fox replied, "Maybe I got with Sophie" alongside a fire emoji. It appears to be the only comment she responded to before she deactivated her account.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Spotted At A Marriage Counseling Office

Megan Fox and MGK at the The Daily Front Row's 6th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards

One day after Megan Fox deactivated her Instagram account, the couple was spotted leaving a marriage counseling office in California.

A source told the Daily Mail that the couple spent two and a half hours inside the building. Although the two left the building together, Fox was said to have looked "visibly upset" and the couple left in separate cars.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards
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On the following day, Page Six reported that the couple spent time on Valentine's Day together. It's not clear how much time the two spent together, but they were photographed sitting in a car together.

Machine Gun Kelly was photographed sitting in the driver's seat looking at something on his phone while Fox was reportedly looking down and away.

Recent Reports Say That MGK Had 'Suspicious Texts' On His Phone

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at 2022 Billboard Music Awards

On Friday, multiple sources told both Page Six and TMZ that DMs were the reason behind the couple's rift. Although Fox seems to have denied this in Sunday's statement, those sources alleged that Fox found “DM’s and text messages” on his phone that led her to “believe he has been having an affair.”

One source told Page Six that MGK "really wants to make up, adding that “They are broken up, but Megan is seeing where they stand. She wants to see what they can salvage.”

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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox
Instagram | Machine Gun Kelly

However, another source told PEOPLE that Megan is "still upset" with her fiancé, but the two are “working through their issues” and emphasized that they “haven’t split.”

"Megan is still upset but is not giving up on their relationship," the source said. "He feels the same way. They are getting professional help because they want things to work out."

The couple first met on the set of  "Midnight in the Switchgrass" in 2020 and became engaged in January 2022.

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