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Todd Chrisley Gets Shocking, Au Natural Makeover In Prison!

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By MLC on February 17, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST

Todd Chrisley is changing behind bars.

The former reality TV star has had to ditch his high-end serums, creams, cosmetic procedures and hairstylist since going into the slammer.

This was a major ‘OMG’ moment for his daughter Savannah Chrisley.

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Savannah Chrisley Gives Update On Dad's Prison Appearance

Savannah Chrisley Todd Chrisley

The 25-year-old explained what it was like to see her dad with a more au natural look for the first time in years.

During this week’s “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley” podcast episode, the reality star admitted, “I will say it’s really weird seeing him with gray hair. Like, really weird. He’s definitely used some color over the years, and now seeing him with gray hair. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!'”

This isn’t the first time the young business woman has opened up about her parent’s condition in their respective prisons.

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Todd Is Rocking Au Natural Gray Hair!

Todd Chrisley made an appearance at The Wendy Williams Show on December 8 2014 in New York City

Todd is serving 12-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institute Pensacola in Florida for bank fraud and tax evasion.

Her mom, Julie Chrisley, is serving a seven-year sentence at FMC Lexington, KY.

During an episode published on January 31st, Savannah revealed that her father already has a job in prison.

“I believe God put him there to truly make a difference. He is working in the chapel which is absolutely amazing and I could never be prouder of my dad and the man that he is,” she said on her podcast. “I get to hear all these people’s stories and how he’s affecting their lives, and encouraging change and just all the people that are coming to know Jesus is just absolutely amazing. So that puts me at peace. It lets me know that they are ok.”

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Todd Is Working In The Prison Chapel & Julie Is Kicking A** In Cards

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All in all, Savannah said her dad is “doing pretty good.”

“There are days that are tough, there are struggles. We talk to him, we email him, we get to see him,” she explained.

This is something Savannah and her siblings are extremely grateful for.

The 25-year-old is able to communicate with Todd and doesn’t have to communicate with him through plated glass.

As for Julie, she’s kicking a** in FMC Lexington, Kentucky.

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Todd & Julie Chrisley at Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye Benefit Concert
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FMC is described as an administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.”

“My mom, she’s doing really well. I know it sounds really crazy for me to say that. My mom, she’s made friends. She’s keeping busy. She’s going to church, she’s working, she’s playing some spades. She is running a dog on everyone,” Savannah revealed.

Since her parents reported to prison on January 17th, the reality TV star has taken over full custody of her younger brother, Grayson (16), and adopted niece/sister, Chloe (10).

That’s been taxing on Savannah.

“Chloe, at 10-years-old, is trying to process them being gone and missing her mom and we were driving down the road the other day and Chloe had so much anger towards the situation and she just said, ‘Why, why? They’re not bad people. They don’t belong there. Why?’” she explained. “I’m trying every single day to get mom and dad home. I’m working with the legal teams. I’m reaching out to anyone that I can possibly reach out to to help me. I’m humbling myself and saying, ‘Hey I need some help…. Can you please, please help me.’”

Savannah described having to try and reason with Chloe about the power of prayer.

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