Brie Larson gets scolded by Universal Studios' staff

Brie Larson WARNED By Universal Studios Staff At Super Nintendo World!

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By Rima Pundir on February 17, 2023 at 2:30 PM EST

At the newly opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, being Captain Marvel is no biggie, as Brie Larson learned the hard way!

Her utter excitement at dancing with Mario and Luigi seemed to have gotten in the way of common sense but her star status was not enough to stop a Universal Studio staff member from politely telling her off. What's cool is the way Brie took it in her dancing stride. WATCH.

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Brie Larson Is A Super Nintendo Fan!

Brie Larson at Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios, Hollywood
Twitter | Brie Larson

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood just opened its doors officially with a rather special, grand opening celebration. Tons of fans, media, and VIPs were ecstatic to be part of the Super Nintendo debut in the US, but none more so than self-confessed Nintendo fan Brie Larson.

She certainly seemed to have a MARVELous time and shared pictures of her visit to Super Nintendo World, apparently there on Nintendo’s dime. The "Captain Marvel" star has stated many times that she's a huge fan of Nintendo and it seems she also crushes on Mario and Luigi!

The 33-year-old shared some pictures of her visit on Twitter, and looked absolutely ecstatic to be in the Mushroom Kingdom, posing inside the Mario Kart and even eating a Mario burger!

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Here goes Brie Larson, expressing her gratitude to all and sundry.

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Fans seemed to be blown away by both her presence at the Super Nintendo World and the actual presence of Super Nintendo World itself as they wrote:

"How is the food? It all looks great from watching other videos. I might cry when I finally go there with my girlfriend."

"Captain Marvel In the Mushroom Kingdom. Wait till you see the trailer. It'll be marvelous!!!"

"Brie, I hope you took a picture with Mario and Luigi."

It seems Larson did something better, she danced with Mario and Luigi!

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Brie Larson Gets Told Off By Universal Studios Employee

Larson may have gone to the debut of Super Nintendo World by invite, but that doesn't mean she could break any of the rules.

In her latest post on Instagram, Larson, dressed in a Super Mario Bros hoodie is dancing in line behind Luigi when she is intercepted by a well-meaning staff member of Universal studios who says something to her, inaudible on the video. It seems the staff member was asking her not to go any further. Far from any celebrity tantrums, Larson immediately stop and reassured the person that she would not go any further.

She then whips around towards the camera filming her and excitedly yells, "I danced with Mario and Luigi!"

In the caption, Larson wrote, "Dancing to the castle to find Princess Peach, Super Nintendo World is EVERYTHING I hoped living in the Mushroom Kingdom would be like!

Fans stood by her with her, as one found the employee's conduct to be "so MEAN."

Another commented, "the fact that you had to clarify to the worker that you were not going to follow them all the way through SENDS ME..."

More fans also commented:

"Should’ve said 'do you know who I am? I saved the world with the avengers, nerd.'"

"Lol, those Universal staff are like, 'Captain Marvel? Meh. Get back behind that line.'"

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Fans Feel She's Absolutely MARVELous!

Fans feel Brie Larson is adorable
Instagram | Brie Larson

While many found the video to be absolutely hilarious, in the way she got told off by the Universal Studios staff.

Wrote one slightly jealous fan, "The pure joy on your face is amazing. Also, my son and I are so jealous.

Gotta love how security was all like, 'Yo, cuz. I know you captain marvel, but you’re in *my* mushroom kingdom now.' 'I won’t go any further!'"

Another Instagram user tried to explain why Universal Studios behaved like that too, "Cute, but unsafe. A grown adult coming up from behind a costumed character. They can't see you. Clearly, you meant no harm. Security doesn't know that. It could have ended very badly. Not beating you up. Have fun, but be safe and smart."

For another fan, it was all about the joy as they wrote, "Watching you dance and prance and be giddy as a kid brings me such joy. So many celebs just wanna show their red-carpet persona. You show the side of getting as excited as I do over small things that bring you immense pleasure. Thank you for sharing this. It made my day."

Here's more of Brie and other celebs at the Super Nintendo World bash!

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