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Meghan King Wears Cartier Bracelet From Ex Jim Edmonds To Reclaim Her 'Self-love'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on February 19, 2023 at 10:30 PM EST

Meghan King’s healing process from her ended marriage and tumultuous divorce from Jim Edmonds includes wearing gifts he gave her during the marriage. 

It’s been three years and counting since the Tv personality and the retired baseball player called it quits on their marriage. However, moving on from the union hasn’t been easy for King. In a recent update, she talked about her healing from the ended marriage.

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Meghan King Wears Bracelet Ex-husband, Jim Edmonds Gave Her As Part Of Her Healing Process

The 38-year-old has been healing since the split and has sometimes detailed the journey on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast. Although it’s a work in process, the “Say Yes to the Dress” star shared a part of her process in a recent video on her Instagram stories. The footage showed the mom of three in a casual home look, with her hair undone.

As she talked, she raised her hand, showing off the gold Cartier bracelet that the retired athlete had gifted her. The “RHOC” wrote in the video’s caption, “Jim gave me this @cartier love bracelet and I haven’t worn it for three years because of its symbolism... but I put it back on before the @gaiahaven experience retreat and reclaimed my power with self-love.”

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Additionally, in the video, the reality star talked about having Tina Switten on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast. Switten advocates for those going through “Narcissistic abuse and coercive control.” 

Speaking more about the guest, King highlighted that Switten had been a great “source of comfort and knowledge for her as she navigates her healing journey. 

Before this revelation about her healing process, King had an emotional breakdown where she tearfully lamented her life post-divorce. The Blast detailed that she shared a video showing her in a makeup-free state as she tearfully ranted.

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“Nobody really talks about coercive control and the after-effects of divorce,” King said while wiping away tears. “People say, ‘It’ll get better in time. It’ll get better with time.’ It’s been three years.” She continued, “When? What time do I have to wait for? The lawyers told me that. My parental coordinator, everyone told me that. It’s not better. It’s worse.”

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After this emotional outburst, the former reality star sought to release her emotions, so she cleared her closet. Detailing the process, King said, “So if I’m upset, which I am, I’m having a rough day, I tell myself, ‘Meg you gotta pull it together. So what you gonna do?’ So I did something symbolic, which is purging.”

The “RHOC” Alum Gets Candid About Missing Her Family Before The Divorce

The advocate has always been open about her feelings, and last month, she reminisced about the nuclear family she once had before the divorce. Per The Blast, King posted a throwback picture of herself radiating with happiness while carrying her daughter Aspen who was still a baby, in the picture.

The blonde mom was dressed in a black and white checkered shirt and accessorized with a pair of sunglasses. The happy moment was captured when King carried Aspen in the air and stared at her with admiration and immense love.

Accompanying the photo was a lengthy caption, where she poured out her feelings. She penned, “Sometimes looking back on photos like this one, I think about the ignorant happiness I felt. In this moment, I had no idea things would be the way they are today.”

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She continued, “I envy others with nuclear families, and I mourn the one I lost. I’m the happiest and wisest and most powerful I’ve ever been, but at a very steep price.”

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Although she longed for those happier days, the 38-year-old noted that she was grateful to have experienced having a nuclear family and advised her fans, adding, “What you define as happiness doesn’t define another’s. Grace, my friends. Grace is the greatest gift you can give yourself and one another. I love you.”

After King dropped this post, fans sweetly offered support to the TV personality in the comment section. One follower wrote, “I feel you. I always feel that. You don’t miss him, you miss the simplicity of believing it was forever and having to not be at war over their souls. ❤” To which King replied, “Bingo. And the peace that comes with security.”

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