Is This Really The Popular 'Pitch Perfect' Actress Rebel Wilson?

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By TheBlast Staff on January 13, 2021 at 10:32 AM EST

Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Popularly known for her role in the film series “Pitch Perfect where she played the role of ;Fat Amy,' Rebel Wilson has amazed everyone with her rapid weight loss.

Earlier in 2020, she spoke about the year, saying it was her year of health, and she was only eight kilograms away from her aim.

She also thanked her fans for supporting her “Year Of Health” journey and added “When I was reaching for the candies last night after dinner I thought to myself hmmmm...better not, and had a bottle of water instead x 8kg's to go until I hit my goal-hopefully I can do it by the end of the year x.”

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Rebel Wilson

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Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an Australian actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She graduated from the “Australian Theater for Young People” in 2003.

She has appeared in various comedy series over the years and earned a lot of fans while at it. 

She wrote, produced and starred in the musical comedy “Bogan Pride.” She also starred in movies like “The Hustle,” “Absolutely Fabulous,” and “Pain & Gain.” She has earned a lot of award nominations and wins which include “MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance” and “Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actress.”

She was born March 2, 1980, she is presently 40-years-old, and has a current net worth of $22 million. Wilson is an actress who is loved and adored by her fans and critics.

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Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss Program

Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Wilson named year 2020 her “Year of Health,” and she revealed that she lost more than 40 pounds to attain her goal weight of 165 pounds.

To achieve her weight goal, she was devoted to a combination of exercise and an eating plan called the “Mayr Method” which dealt mainly and preached the value of mindful eating.

The experts of the Mayr Method diet believe that the way to good health and ideal weight loss is clean dieting. They however recommend food which “massage” and enhance digestion.

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Is Rebel Wilson In A Relationship?

Instagram / Rebel Wilson

The answer to that is yes!

Wilson is currently in a relationship with Jacob Busch, an heir to Anheuser-Busch a descendant of Adolphus Busch who co-founded the Missouri-based brewery in 1852.

Wilson and Busch were confirmed as boyfriend and girlfriend by the Us Weeklyright after their red carpet debut.

However, Busch completely adored Wilson way before she started working out. In a recent post shared online, they engaged in exercises and it seemed the couple were having fun together.

In February 2019 she disclosed her ideal romantic partner when she said “I'm looking for a guy with definitely some kind of strength. If I feel I could beat them in a jelly wrestling competition, then maybe that's not the dude for me.”

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What's Next For Rebel Wilson?

Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Wilson is an actress loved for her personality, especially her humor when it comes to comedy, notwithstanding the fact that she is an amazing and hardworking producer. She is also an excellent actress, and we anticipate more from her this year.

As regards her relationship with Jacob Busch, we still hope that their relationship lasts long and eventually they get married.

Wilson won some accolades in 2020 which include; Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for Best Subscription Television Presenter and the Last One Laughing Australia (LOL Award).

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