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'Love Is Blind' Viewers Demand More Answers To Raven & SK Cheating Debacle!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on February 12, 2023 at 12:30 PM EST

Fans of Netflix's hit reality show "Love Is Blind" aren't happy after the unveiling of season three's "After The Altar" episodes!

The streaming service began releasing bonus episodes in a series called "After The Altar" following the series' much-discussed second season. These episodes examine the cast members' lives a year after viewers last caught up with the hottest goss revealed in the reunion episodes!

The post-reunion affairs of season three's cast have been quite spicy, to say the least!

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Among the headlines surrounding the cast's off-camera escapades was Zanab Jaffary's revelation she had been on a coffee date with her ex-fiancé Cole Barnett's ex-wife, and the jaw-dropping bombshell that SK Alagbada had cheated on his ex-fiancée Raven Ross; the duo did not get married but had decided to give their relationship a second chance!

Fans were able to get the lowdown on Alagbada's cheating scandal in the "After The Altar" episodes. In episode two, Alagbada revealed his intentions to propose to Ross for a second time in a conversation with his brother; his plans were derailed after news of his cheating surfaced.

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According to one of The Blast's recent reports on the show, multiple women had come forward, revealing Alagbada had been with them while he and Ross were attempting to repair their relationship.

When the official "Love Is Blind" Instagram posted footage of Ross discussing her ex's actions, fans revealed their discontent in the comments!

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Alagbada Denied The Cheating Allegations With An Instagram Story Letter

SK Thanksgiving message about cheating
Instagram Stories | SK Alagbada

After multiple text messages and video receipts surfaced which revealed Alagbada had been dating multiple women while still with Ross, he denied the claims and maintained the women were lying.

He began the open letter by writing, "Raven and I left the 'Love Is Blind' altar as single individuals who went back to dating other people. While our journey back together hasn't been straightforward, the unique emotional connection we developed from this experiment kept us together as friends, and helped rekindle our relationship after the fact..."

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SK Thanksgiving message about cheating
Instagram Stories | SK Alagbada
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In a second slide, Alagbada wrote, "These allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent, and we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusors involved. I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused Raven, my family and everyone involved. Raven and I will continue to support each other and wish nothing but love. Happy Thanksgiving," he concluded. (per The Blast)

Alagbada would later elaborate on the situation in an interview with Life & Style magazine. He revealed these relationships had taken place during a period of time when he and Ross were not together, and these relationships hadn't been serious.

He would also address rumors of a relationship with TikTok star Hannah Beth, who had posted plenty of receipts alluding to a romance on her channel. As far as Alagbada is concerned, he and the TikToker were never official.

"All the allegations about me cheating are false," he had told the publication. "At no point did we consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She is not my ex."

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Ross Addresses Alagbada's Actions On 'After The Altar'

Ross later deleted all evidence of her relationship with Alagbada around the time of his Instagram Story message. She also revealed she was single in a TikTok video comment.

Fans would officially find out what had really happened when the "After The Altar" episodes were released, and they were not happy with how the situation was portrayed on screen!

The official "Love Is Blind" Instagram account shared footage of Ross discussing her ex's actions on Saturday.

A tearful Ross declares she "could not imagine opening up to someone like [I] had opened up to SK." She would reveal opening up in relationships had always been her "personal challenge."

"She's worth so much more than HIM!!! He embarrassed her TWICE," an outraged viewer commented on the post.

"She's out of his league and he still cheated. SMH," another viewer wrote.

"This answered nothing!!," another viewer shared, "I was so looking forward to these episodes, but what happened?? They posted something about a lawsuit awhile back?? How did this man have time to work full time, go to school, and have two gf's he traveled with?! How?!"

"SK seemed like such a standup guy," another viewer commented. "Who can you trust? No one," another viewer commented.

"Raven we appreciate you opening up," another fan reassured her. "You're going to be just fine girl we're so proud of you."

"Good for her for moving on! You're too good for anyone who would betray you like that," another viewer supportedly commented.

The "Love Is Blind: After The Altar" episodes are available to stream now!

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