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Beyonce Makes $20 Mil Annually For Ivy Park While Adidas Is Rapidly Losing Money

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By Kay on February 8, 2023 at 3:45 PM EST

Beyoncéis riding high off of her record-breaking Grammy wins, but here comes Ivy Park and their lackluster sales to mess it all up.

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Ivy Park Sales Are Struggling

Beyonce stars in Ivy Park Rodeo campaign inspired by Black cowboys and cowgirls

Beyoncé’s luxury athletic brand is losing steam quickly and by steam we mean money. The brand that all the stars are wearing for their everyday run around has dropped significantly. The Wall Street Journal is sharing that the brand is struggling, like, a lot, the partnership with Adidas has allegedly lost about $200 million.

To those behind the scenes, this may not be a huge surprise because last year’s numbers dropped about 50% losing the brand about $40 million, Adidas was hoping for $250 million in sales that year. The partnership between Bey’s Ivy Park and Adidas is scheduled to end this year and they are currently not saying whether or not they plan on renewing the contract or letting the struggling brand go.

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Adidas Promises Ivy Park Is Good!

Beyonce hits the tennis court and serves up an all-star cast for launch of adidas x IVY PARK HALLS of IVY collection

The executives behind the German sneaker brand are promising that the Beehive will be able to continue to use their bill money to buy the singer’s brand. They insist that the “partnership is strong and successful.”

Adidas also went on to say. “We continue to be inspired by our collective vision and are proud of the work we have created together.” A spokesperson for the singer has not responded the claims about the brand struggling.

Beyoncé and her team probably aren’t concerned seeing as they just dropped the Ivy Park line in Dubai with a huge fashion show alongside the grand opening of the Atlantis Dubai, so why have a new show if the brand is planning to cut ties soon?

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Beyoncé Is Rolling In The Dough

The Lion King Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

It’s also important to note that Bey is getting paid no matter what. The mom of three negotiated herself an annual salary of $20 million so even as Adidas supposedly sinks and eats the cost of the lacking sales, Bey is posting photos of herself riding a pony in a diamond-studded hat to announce a tour that is sure to make her more millions.

Fans are going above and beyond to get tickets for Bey’s first world tour since 2016. Plus, the next US drop for Ivy Park is suspected to be this week and seeing as fans want to wear Ivy Park gear to which ever show they are attending, the sales will most likely skyrocket.

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Beyoncé’s Fans Are Speaking Up For Her

Beyonce Fans Put Ticketmaster On Notice Ahead Of World Tour

Social media is buzzing with the drop of the new drip and the release of the chokehold that Ticketmaster has on the tour seats. “So who is beyoncé expecting to purchase ivy park next week knowing our money going to the renaissance world tour?” asked one friend.

One follower knows exactly why the brand is failing. “It’s because they make it so f***ing hard to buy. it’s as hard as using Ticketmaster when ivy park drops. half the time you don’t even know what you ended up ordering until you get a confirmation email.”

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Beyoncé Makes $20 Mil Annually For Ivy Park While Adidas Is Rapidly Losing Money

Another follower felt the same way. “Wall Street Journal saying Ivy Park has weak sales and left a $200M debt for Adidas. That does NOT shock me cause 1) you cant find it anywhere so we cant buy it and 2) the drops happen at very weird, inconvenient times for the populace.”

Let’s also not forget that it looks like Beyoncé gives away more clothes than she sells. Every time there is a new clothing drop all the celebs, influencers, and even some micro-influencers are seen unboxing the clothes with cards from Bey telling them to enjoy.

Did she make a brand just to give away to her friends?

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