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Amber Rose Isn't Impressed With How Fast AE Moved On With Cher

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By Kay on February 8, 2023 at 6:00 PM EST

Amber Rose thinks her ex and baby daddy Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards moved on pretty quickly after their very public breakup.

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Amber Rose Is Surprised

Amber Rose wears a fur coat as she and Alexander Edwards head to the Nice Guy Restaurant to party

He is now in a high-profile relationship with singer Cher, but Amber admits she was surprised that her ex was able to move on so quickly after their relationship crashed and burned. She was honest about the shock on model, Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, “High Low with EmRata”.

Emily was fascinated with Amber and in awe of almost everything that came out of her mouth, but she was shocked to learn that she felt slightly insecure about her ex and where he was at.

“How long have you been single,” asked EmRata to which Amber admitted it’s only been “three months.” Unfortunately, in that short time, Amber‘s eyes were opened to a different side of Alexander.

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Alexander Is Hooking Up With Cher

Amber Rose lunched with boyfriend Alexander Edwards and Mom and her son in Bel Air

The music producer has been seen hanging out a lot with legendary singer Cher and his best friend rapper, Tyga. Amber has been seeing it too. The influencer shockingly told Emily “I don’t have a heart left, I don’t. my heart is with my kids,” she clarified.

Amber said she just doesn’t have “enough to give to a relationship.” EmRata reminded her that three months is “so fresh” to be making a definitive statement like that. To which Amber said, well, “a week later he was in another relationship,” indicating that he had no trouble moving on swiftly.

Emily could totally relate. She is now a divorced, single mom of one, and during her relationship, she was cheated on leading her to enter an era she calls her “bad b***h” era.

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Emily Ratajkowski Don’t Want To Play Games

Emily Ratajkowski is seen out for a walk pushing her son in a stroller and picking up a coffee in NYC

The 31-year-old shared that she is now dating around but hates that people including her own friends believe she is one-up-ing her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard whether intentionally or not.

“I hate the game of trying to one-up the person,” Amber pipped in calling her ex moving on and pulling his own “one-up” a level of “bulls**t”. EmRata called it exhausting and claimed that someone with children, doing that couldn’t be dedicating enough time to their children.

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Amber Rose Is Focused On Being A Mom

Tyga and his new girlfriend Ana Beatriz Boaretto leave St Barts with their friend Amber Rose and boyfriend AE Edwards

“You can't have anything nice with boys, with kids,” she says of her experience mothering two boys. She calls her oldest son Sebastian a “feminist” because of how considerate and compassionate he is throughout life.

She shares that she is honest about everything with her sons including her time as a stripper before they were born and her use of OnlyFans in the middle of the pandemic to support her family. She notes that events like her “Slut walk” and reclaiming the word “b***h” further her son's lessons on feminism.

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Emily chimed in to share that she too is teaching her son that bodies are just bodies and they all deserve respect. When pressured about her decision to pose nude often, the model said she isn’t worried about what her son will think because all he will know is that his mom worked hard to make things happen and sometimes, she used her body.

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